10 Nintendo Franchises that need a Switch Treatment

With the release of Super Mario Odyssey, we decided to take a look at what else Nintendo has to offer, such as Pikmin, Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros.

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FallenAngel198449d ago

Why call the next installment of a franchise on their latest console a “treatment?”

Lightning Mr Bubbles47d ago

True, I'd say a good portion of these are pretty much guaranteed to happen. Luigi's Manson I'm not so sure about. Donkey Kong possibly, but DK Country series was like way back in the SNES Days, I loved it but I haven't played a good DK game since then. That's a long time ago. Excite and Super Princess Peach or whatever are pretty doubtful I think.

Smokingunz47d ago

Donkey kong country was on the 3ds and the wii u genius smh. Also luigis mansion 3 was announced for the switch before it even came out. U are so out of tune dude its not even funny

Lightning Mr Bubbles47d ago (Edited 47d ago )


You're right about Donkey Kong Country, There's DK Country Returns for Wii/3DS and Tropical Freeze for WiiU/3DS. I wasn't into Nintendo at all during the whole Wii era, so I didn't realize the series had such current installments.

Either way, they don't look nearly as good as the ones for SNES. The SNES Donkey Kong Country games had amazing realistic graphics for that time. These new installments look like C level games. They should really step it up and give Donkey Kong Country AAA level treatment for the Switch if they want to revive it.

deafdani46d ago

Lightning Mr Bubbles: trust me, Tropical Freeze (which is available only on Wii U, not 3DS, btw) has a superb art direction. It looks fantastic.

47d ago
kalkano49d ago

Give me Fire Emblem.
Give me #FE2 (with a less insane theme).
Give me Golden Sun.

DJK1NG_Gaming48d ago

Fire Emblem been confirmed since Jan. coming next year.

kalkano48d ago

I know. Just waiting. Plus, we still know nothing about it.

OmnislashVer3647d ago

Golden Sun would be epic with its anime style and great art direction that might actually look good on underpowered hardware.

EddieNX 48d ago

F-zero. None of these clones like fast RMX are gunna cut it for me.

Moonman47d ago

I agree, the clones lack personality. A sequel to F-Zero GX equipped with another story mode would be awesome. Captain Falcon needs more story. And he with the series, could become more popular if Nintendo allows it.

EddieNX 47d ago

GX was the last futuristic racer I really cared about and the it was perfect! It had the charm, the cut scenes, the customization and quality you expect.

Fast RMX is good but that's about it. It isn't epic F-zero level at all!

Woolly_47d ago

Well. . my Switch purchase is inevitable . .

The games I would play are either out or already on the way.

I would love a Kid Icarus game on Switch though. . Uprising is awesome.

The 10th Rider47d ago

And it'd solve the issue of the uncomfortable controls, the biggest complaint of the game, haha.

Smokingunz47d ago

I dont see f zero coming back, the last game was terrible. Nintendo handed thr developemnt to seag and thry screwed it up. The last good f zero gsme i played was on the n64, the gsmecube version was garbage. If nintendo do it thrmselves mabye.

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Moonman47d ago

I love Super Mario Maker. The next game needs even more customization. Every single item, enemy, boss and level backgrounds need to show up. But Mario 64 Maker is the dream. Lol

VideoGameLab47d ago

Just make a goddamn pokemon game

Kun_ADR47d ago

Emm...have you been living under a rock?

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