Destiny 2 Is Just Another Year in Bungie's Rocky Space Shooter Quest

Destiny 2 has been out for just more than a month, and now it's time to take an in-depth look at how the sequel has panned out so far.

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WilliamSheridan386d ago

It's a great game with great mechanics... Just in order to be an amazing MMO FPS, it needs way more content, more variety, and perhaps a little more idea of what it wants to be...

I like the game, it feels like Halo Evolved more than anything, but it just needs to be tweaked. The sequel felt like an add on turned into sequel for cash grabbing purposes....

Seraphim386d ago

At it's core, phenomenal game and mechanics. Problem is we've been screaming about Content since Vanilla D1. It does need it and this is going to be a large reason why Destiny fails at some point. Too little too often. On top of a bigger base they need to be offering more in terms of trivial events. Halloween, Christmas/Holidays, Summer Solstice, etc. Along with events with substance. Sparrow Racing, Faction Rally, some new stuff. PoE would have been perfect as an event setting coming to Destiny monthly.

That's a great point. A little more idea of what it wants to be. Bungie themselves seem to be so confused with where Destiny is and is going. And again this dates back to early D1 up to now. It's mind boggling some of the changes they mind for D2 and removal of certain loved aspects. By the end of the D1 they really had something and I'm not specifically talking content wise.

I definitely agree that it needs to be tweaked. Really all it needs aside from content itself are 5-12 minor changes. Bring back loot specific strike items, add a higher strike playlist, bring back bounties on top of planet challenges, etc.