Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Priciest Virtual Console Game Yet

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is set to be the most pricey Virtual Console release to date. It'll set you back a cool 1,200 Wii points.

Don't let the fact the price is out there get you too excited just yet, however. The release has only been confirmed for Japan, where it'll hit in February.

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PS360WII4309d ago

Really this is the Japan price so it could still just be 1000 for the US. Anyways it is OoT and it is pretty much the holy grail of Zelda though some may say Link to the past is the one (it did kick arse) but really they are just making the price what they feel for demand. Lots of people want it so they are just taxing the demand. I for one have this on n64 and twice on Gamecube (1 master quest and 1 from the collectors edition that shipped with Wind Walker) That's 3 copies and you know what just cuz it is a great game I wouldn't mind a 4th copy of it.
VC prices are more than most would want, but your paying for a convinece of wonderful games you can only get on carts. So when it's on VC you get the whole game without worries of filling up your shelves with big games, blowing on them till they work and hoping your old system will work this time. So yea they can charge a little bit more for the ease of mind they give us.

ChickeyCantor4308d ago

Wind Walker.........XD now thats a good one, its wind waker :) XD