What went wrong with Lawbreakers?

Boss Key's Cliff Bleszinski and Ajran Busse reveal the various avenues they're exploring to recover from a rocky launch.

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PhoenixUp411d ago

What went right with it?

shaun mcwayne411d ago

Sometimes the public just dont want what your selling.

CurbStompin411d ago

F2P is the only thing that might fix it.

bluefox755411d ago

Nothing, it wasn't bad, just wasn't good enough to compete with the overly saturated online shooter market.

phoenixwing411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

I agree completely. I've been saying this for awhile, the online shooter market is too saturated and most of the people buying online games are fickle at best and stay with whatever is the top dog (overwatch). If they had made a multiplatform gears clone (or just ps4, pc) it would have sold way more as a complete packaged game. Who better to make a gears clone than cliffy?

InTheZoneAC411d ago

As a ps4/PC owner I would never buy a gears clone or gears of war game

KillBill410d ago

This is really the thing that bit Lawbreakers in the rump. Cliffy B thinking... shooters are all the rage and I can make a game with my name on it that will make it better than everything else on the market. He overvalued his marketing worth and delivered just the same thing everyone is already playing elsewhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.