A Eulogy To The Future That Kinect Promised But Never Delivered

Kinect version 1.0 arrived hot off the heels of the motion control craze sparked by the Nintendo Wii with the marketing tagline “You Are The Controller”.  After seven years it is clear that Microsoft never really lived up to this promise.

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FallenAngel1984414d ago

While the Eyetoy's legacy lives on 14 years strong through the PS Eye & PS Camera, the Kinect's legacy seems to have fallen off the cliff never to be revisited again.

jlove4life414d ago

Rip kinect i use mine to half way get cortana to pause play and search dashboard but yeah fake milo presentation had me a believer guess i'll look forward to hololens whent its more affordable and sold to retail

Sciurus_vulgaris414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

The Kinect 1.0 sold so well out of the gate that it convinced Mattrick,that everybody wanted one. Big mistake! I think the Kinect 2.0, is what weakened the Xbox brand, by decreasing 1st party game investment.