AMD turns a profit once again thanks to Ryzen and Vega, reports great Q3 2017 financial results

AMD today announced revenue for the third quarter of 2017 of $1.64 billion, operating income of $126 million and net income of $71 million, and diluted earnings per share of $0.07.

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freshslicepizza412d ago

Good to see a more healthy environment.

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NordicRainy411d ago

Very nice. Intel has gone too long now without competition. This is only a good for us consumers.

UltraNova411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

Unfortunately Intel's earning reports are showing no sign of them feeling any kind of heat, atleast not enough to make them react in our favor.

Same goes for Nvidia.

That said, AMD is doing good its just not good enough yet. I remain hopeful though.

Cobra951410d ago

Coffee Lake outing this early is definitely a direct result of AMD pressure with Ryzen. You can't find Coffee Lake CPUs out in the wild to save your life yet, but they are officially released, which means nobody wants Kaby Lake anymore--and that gen is less than a year old. You think Intel would have killed KL this early if they were not feeling the pressure? Either Intel crank up CL production, or they'll definitely feel more of that heat you're denying.

Tapani411d ago (Edited 411d ago )

Who spinned this?? This is absolutely misleading. AMD had a horrible earnings report, despite their so-called "beat." The reality is, their stock price dropped immediately 12%. The reason investors fled from AMD? Their outlook for next year is bad. Why? Because of Intel and Nvidia. Heard this story before? Yes, you have. They do not have the best tech, they do not have the best prices (despite being cheapest, value per dollar is an old way to measure), and they do not have the market share. It is a good company, and I like to be on the underdog's side, but please report on reality, not fantasy. Because that is, what journalism is about. Facts and reality.

Fishy Fingers411d ago

Any profit is obviously a plus but that’s got to be pretty (hugely) disappointing to the shareholders after coming out with all their big guns (Ryzen/Vega).