Insomniac On Sunset Overdrive 2: "We Just Need To Find A Publisher"

On Twitter, Insomniac's official account responded to a tweet pleading for a sequel to Sunset Overdrive with "We'd love to, we just need to find a publisher!"

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FallenAngel1984294d ago

Microsoft never owned the IP in the first place. That's the entire reason it came to Xbox One

-Foxtrot294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Yeah but I mean if they were committed and thought they could give it there all with a sequel then they would have done it...a new IP is a new IP. They should be thinking "Shit...we don't have many exclusives, people are calling us out for that, we need to keep these guys around".

They did the same with Alan Wake, it didn't do as well as they wanted, they got Remedy to do American Nightmare which was more action focused, when that didn't capture a bigger audience they basically told Remedy to drop it and got them to work on a new IP if they wanted publishing rights...back then when they started development Microsoft were still kind of top dog, the PS4 success was unknown as it hadn't released, this is going off if they started development right after American Nightmare in 2012.

They don't give chances...they want numbers straight away like it's going to be the new Halo or Gears, when it fails to meet their high expectations they drop it.

FallenAngel1984294d ago

Microsoft isn't committed to many of the new IPs they published this generation. Just look at how they didn't do anything to follow up on Ryse. No reason to suspect they'd start with Sunset Overdrive, a franchise they'd never have any chance of owning the rights to unlike with Gears of War where they later were able to buy the IP at a later date. Only new IP Microsoft is focusing on this gen is Minecraft & Ori.

Hell there's even only a handful of preexisting franchises that they own entirely that they commit to while leaving a lot of others to fall by the wayside.

In 2012 Microsoft weren't the top dog since PS3 was outselling 360 globally at the time.

Obscure_Observer293d ago (Edited 293d ago )


"They don't give chances...they want numbers straight away like it's going to be the new Halo or Gears, when it fails to meet their high expectations they drop it."

Yeah, Like Sony and The Order? Like they did with Gravity Rush 2 which they canceled its support and shut down servers after a only year even despite the fact that they´re charging more for PSN? Are they will ever make a new Gravity Rush? Or Knack II which flopped hard selling only 2K copies in Japan and 700K worldwide?

You see, i´m just point out facts! All of those games are Sony IPs! Sunset Overdrive is not Microsoft´s IP. I was here by the time which Sunset Overdrive was announced to be an Xbox One exclusive game and how you PS extreme go berserk over it. Talking about boycott Insomniac and stuff. Have you ever seen Newmonday on a Spiderman article? At the very least he´s honest!

If Sunset Overdrive 2 was announced as an Xbox One exclusive, i know for a fact that you guys would go berserk all over again. It would be like "Microsoft should invest in their own studios instead of pay developers to keep their games away from playstation gamers." That´s what you would be talking about.

I love Sunset Overdrive and i would love to see a sequel. But this time, i think Microsoft is doing things right. If PS only gamers crave so much for this game, they should ask Sony to publish it!

Why o why293d ago

The irony in mentioning gravity rush 2 was that it was a sequel. . . The online support culling on a predominantly single player game isn't the same as 'the order' not getting a sequel that we know about.

I don't mind if ms snag 3rd party exclusives. . It's still something unique to the console plus that would be hypocritical as there are quite a few 3rd party exclusives on Sony's platform. The glaring difference between Sony and ms is that ms need something like sunset overdrive more than Sony do. I'm surprised ms haven't held onto this franchise but maybe they had their reasons. I don't know how well it sold nor if that's a reason they didn't secure the sequel. Maybe ms weren't offered it. . Who knows. . One things for sure though, keeping it exclusive would of been good for the Xbox brand in regards to diversity and quality.

moegooner88293d ago (Edited 293d ago )

@Obscure_Observer Using GR2, a sequel to make your point. This is priceless lol. Try again please.

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Godmars290294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

That's a pity.

Wonder what's going to happen if Sony picks it up?

And to any counters to the question: thought Insomniac owned the IP.

Ceaser9857361294d ago

Sony should grab it and for ffs please let Insomniac keep the IP... afaik Sony wanted the IP of SSOD and Insomniac denied ...

DaDrunkenJester294d ago

Its better for the developers to own their IP. MS let them do that so that's why it was an Xbox exclusive

Ceaser9857361293d ago

LOL! why the disagree. People living under the rock it seems. They didn't know that SSOD was actually supposed to come on the PS4 in the first place but Sony wanted to Owe the IP and Insomniac didn't want to sell, due to such disagreement Insomniac went to Xbox who agreed to publish the game for them without buying their IP..

343_Guilty_Spark293d ago

Why should they publish it if they don’t own the IP and it didn’t do well the first time?

Retroman293d ago

Simple, insomniac contract Sunset Overdrive to Sony whooooo-la on Ps4
What MS give up on Sony collect, another day in the office for business .

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freshslicepizza294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Where they always are, bacl to the same familiar IP's like Forza. Microsoft continues to show they are not interested in games unless they can make franchises out of them and I imagine the first Sunset Overdrive wasn't very profitable.

spreadlove294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I think we have to talk about break even, not losses, before profit.

FITgamer294d ago

*...unless they can make it GAAS and add tons of microtransactions.

UltraNova294d ago (Edited 294d ago )


If they owned the IP it would be filled with MTs from the get go.

goken294d ago

that's definitely the case.

mainly because the xfans keep insisting they are not missing anything as long as they have forza, gears and Halo...
if it's all the same to the xfans, why should ms invest in potentially lost making titles.
methinks xfans and ms deserve each other. hey as long they're Happy right?

Eonjay294d ago

Sometimes, you can't stop at the first game. Think about Uncharted vs Uncharted 2 or even Halo to Halo 2 and how much it expanded the franchise. SO has a good solid foundation and that is something to build off of.

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subtenko293d ago

trying to use and entice other developers/

Majin-vegeta294d ago

IDK why Insom is playing dumb they know where their fanbase and games are appreciated!!

ninsigma294d ago

Sony might still have the same stipulation as last time though (they have to own the rights) which is not what insomniac want. I do hope some agreement happens with a publisher, the first was great fun, would love a sequal.

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subtenko293d ago

Im sure there are games that are exclusive on PS right now that sony doesnt own....I know Im not crazy because I rememeber discussing this a few times with friends

ninsigma293d ago

That's true. It's just the original stipulation Sony gave to Insomniac if they were to publish SSO so it might be again for a possible sequal, especially seeing as the the games sales didn't set the world on fire.

AspiringProGenji294d ago

True and even some like me didn't mind buying an Xbox one to play the game and support it and the game still undersold. It is such a shame... hopefully the 2nd game happens soon and is Multiplat so they can sell more.

zivtheawesome294d ago

i think that insomniac had a deal with microsoft meaning that this franchise must be an xbox exclusive or something.

ninsigma294d ago

Maybe the first has to I'm not sure but the whole reason insomniac went with Microsoft was because Insomniac wanted to keep the rights to the IP which Sony wasn't willing to allow. A sequal can go anywhere as long as they get a publisher to fund them.

DaDrunkenJester294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

I loved it on my Xbox. I think the only reason it failed is because MS basically slit their own throat at the beginning of this gen and this was a launch window title when not many people were buying Xbox's yet.

I hope someone picks it up for a sequel, SSOD is one of my favorite games this gen and I want to play a sequel no matter who publishes it.

Edit: For some reason I thought SSOD was a launch window, but it was released almost a year after the X1. My bad.

andrewsquall293d ago

The game was out right around the time the Xbone dropped Kinect and was slashed to 400 quid. It was PERFECT timing as some of the more head screwed on fans finally decided it was time to get the console.

KwietStorm293d ago

The game doesn't have to be a PlayStation exclusive just because they are looking for a publisher.

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ninsigma294d ago

It would be a bit cut back but would definitely be a fun portable game.