Are Gamers Overreacting Over the Future of Single Player Games

Joe and Interim Co Host Sean Capri, talk about their feelings on Shadow of War, South Park the Fractured Butt Hole. Visceral's closure, and EA's trouble with Star Wars, Where would Visceral Fit at PlayStation, Activision's worrying Match Making System, Sony's publishing for Nintendo, and awesome DualShock 4 controller colors.

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Garethvk416d ago

They sure are. There will be more single player games and there will be more multiplayer games. They used to say that going forward no AAA titles could work without an online element to them. The last few Wolfenstein games changed that as an example.

AZRoboto416d ago

And here we have another Wolfenstein releasing in a couple days. That same day has a new Assassin's Creed and Super Mario. Earlier in the month we had Shadow of War, which seemed to prove after release that the loot crates weren't as necessary or forced as people thought.

bloop416d ago

Gamers aren't overreacting what so ever. It's the media that's overreacting, blowing this whole subject out of proportion since Visceral was closed. These articles need to go away already.

UltraNova416d ago

Exactly, gamers are only reacting to the constant 'imminent doom' scenario barage created by so called journos.

But yeah the signs are clear as day, devs are looking for ways to monetize SP games as well and we cant ignore that.

rainslacker415d ago (Edited 414d ago )

I agree gamers in general aren't overreacting, but these media reports or opinion pieces do bring out those who do, which leads to a much bigger discussion about the subject that doesn't really need to be had right now.

What I do see is that most people do seem confident that they aren't going anywhere, and most of the talk is in reaction to those who are blowing it out of proportion.

Think of all the topics over the years which we have similar conversations about. MT/DLC(now GaaS) is going to ruin gaming. MP is going to take over(also GaaS). Digital distribution is the future and retail release is never going to become a thing. The closest thing that ever came to becoming a thing was restricting used game sales at the start of this gen....and that was almost unanimously cast out by the gamers, and rightfully so, because it was about the only real slippery slope that existed in all these things that will somehow destroy gaming as we know it.

In the real world,most trends take a long time to actually become the norm. People resist, or outright refuse to accept something. There will likely never be a single instance that causes gaming to fail. It'd be a slow process, and likely go mostly unnoticed....or possibly defended vehemently due to console preference. But in the end, the market will decide, and should it happen, we can decide what to do then. It's worth discussing the real "threats" that could change everything, it's just they rarely come along, and after the DRM fiasco with the X1 reveal, I have more confidence that gamers will fight the things that harm what it is we want or expect.

rainslacker415d ago

It was said last gen that MP games would take over, and they haven't. There are still more SP games released than MP, or SP games with MP offerings. There are more games in general releasing today as well.

SP isn't going anywhere.

As with all things, the trends will ebb and flow and new trends will come, but so long as there is a sustainable market for something, it'll have products made for it. The talk about how Sp gaming is no longer sustainable is patently false. The issue comes in when you look at an over-saturation of the market, and using the failures to make a determination on what should be done, while disregarding the successes, which can bring in plentiful returns.

It's not that MP hasn't become more prolific, because it certainly has. It's not that MP can't potentially make more money with less resources....because it can. It's that the notion of "there can be only one" is way too much a meme nowadays in so many aspects of gaming, and the speaking of such trends in such a general way leads to discussions like this which imply that SP is going the way of the dodo. We saw the same thing with digital distribution last gen...and even some this gen. We saw the same with how DLC and MT were going to become so over-implemented it would ruin gaming, which we are now seeing again under the new branding as GaaS. Now we're seeing it again that MP is going to somehow supplant SP games. For all these things listed, no evidence has actually supported any of these things somehow becoming the norm. All evidence suggests that the different approaches and markets can and do coexist just fine. Some publishers may shift their focus, but the one's that put all their eggs into one basket are likely the one's that will be struggling when the trends start to change again. Even EA isn't going to make all their games as MP GaaS type games. MS might, but Loftis said yesterday they'd still be making SP games. Companies may look for more money, but that doesn't mean they're going to completely ignore what other money can be had.

81BX416d ago

Gamers and overreacting go hand in hand

Prince_TFK416d ago

Its not all on gamers, it is the so called "gaming journalists" who always make these shitty articles to stir things up.

TheOttomatic91416d ago

Nope but game “journalists” certainly are.

BrianOBlivion416d ago

I agree. It's been a non-stop barrage since the Visceral story.
So many articles about the imminent death of single player games ARE unnerving though, to those of us that hold them dear.

rainslacker414d ago

They aren't unnerving to me, because I know a market exists for them, and that market can be profitable, so it'll be catered to.

I can see that normal shifts in focus will happen, new things will be tried which may be attached to the SP experience, and that some companies may decide to go all in on one route.

but I can not in any way see a huge migration to all pubs and devs suddenly be looking at making things in a GaaS approach. There is just too much creativity in the dev community, and there are actually plenty of investors out there who invest for the love of the art, and not just for the return it can bring them.

I can see the number of releases for SP or MP numbers fluctuating from year to year, or over any amount of time, but I'd have to see a marked decline in SP releases to start being concerned over their demise. Even if for some reason they were next to nothing in releases, it wouldn't take long for someone to take up the charge to set things back on course.

A prime example would be the RPG market. Last gen, the JRPG market suffered, IMO mostly due to the notion that they were somehow lesser experiences with the rise of the Western RPG. Media cast out the JRPG almost across the baord, and called them lesser games which couldn't live up to the times. The budgets became unsustainable for the expectations that gamers had for games of last gen, because a massive high quality JRPG has more content to create than more linear games, and the sales for JRPG's didn't rise like other software sales did.

But in all that, despite JRPG somehow becoming completely irrelevant in the media, and the few cases of AAA JRPG's actually coming to market not getting a fair shake and used more as a way to point that Japanese devs were out of touch, they got made, and now, this gen, we have seen the resurgance of popularity of JRPG's, with more mid-high budget JRPG's getting announced. Not that we're at the PS2 number of releases, but the respect that those games got back in those days is certainly increasing, and the media doesn't seem to be hating on them anymore. Sales have to happen of course, but at least people are more open to them, and the market has returned, thus, the games will get made.

416d ago
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