It's time for WWE games to ditch Yukes

The technology used by Yukes to create each WWE game is beginning to show its age. Aside from a stellar custom superstar suite of options and upgrades which certainly do favour certain superstars far more than other athletes stuck in the mid-card or lower, the Yukes engine is in desperate need of a rethink. Or better yet, it's time to find someone else to develop WWE games.

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strayanalog413d ago

Well if upgrading the system can't happen and releasing a game every other year won't, then bring in AKI (now Syn Sophia) please.

Nu412d ago

Yes the N64 had the best wrestling games ever created. I'd like to see another one before I die

WilliamSheridan412d ago

I couldn't agree more... Imagine an AKI game with today's graphics! A nice simple grappling system. Enjoyable gameplay! Modern graphics! I'm sure we can get 10 in the ring with these machines.

This would get me back into WWE games again

roadkillers411d ago

Agree'd, make me care why I'm playing the game. Make a legit story mode where I am hitting my opponent with a 4x4 because he interfered in my match and screwed me over. I have no idea what these developers have done in a year.

Okay people are bored with Call of Duty, but those guys can build a whole new game from the bottom up in 2 years. We get new Maddens every year that added more good content then this game. What are you doing with this game?

GameBoyColor412d ago

Yep, I say it every year but yukes is stale and behind in every possible way. We see the same bugs every year and they never bother to fix it, they remove content every refresh and now they decide to upgrade their graphics? It's such a waste having them develop every damn game for the past nearly 2 decades.

MADGameR412d ago

WWE is TRASH nowadays. Nothing but losers watch the new PG era. Sucks for them because they missed out on the best times. The Attitude era.

TheOttomatic91412d ago

The problem isn't the devs its the ridiculous time schedule they are forced to work with. If 2K could let the devs have a 3 year cycle I'm sure we could get better games.

Tazzy412d ago

I doubt it the developers are lazy they never change a wrestlers attires there's colorful superstars like Randy Savage Rick Rude Kerry Von Erich etc etc and we get the same attire for them pretty much every year. They would be better off getting more than one developer like Activison does with Call of Duty. I wasted $95 on the game there's really nothing new to me just what we got last year and to me the game doesn't look any better.

Tazzy412d ago

I think its more Visual Concepts the last good wrestling game I liked was WWE 2k14 enjoyed the 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode since 2k has taken over its the same game every year. I would have put a War Games match type in the game and a casket and ambulance match and a 30 Years of Survivor Series or SummerSlam mode in the game.