Acer Invest $5m in Starbreeze’s StarVR Corporation

Acer further invest in the StarVR headset from Starbreeze, acquiring manufacturing rights.

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OoglyBoogly50d ago

Interesting. Only thing I hate about all these new VR headsets and the tech they have is the WAIT for it all.

Being a current Oculus owner I am REALLY loving VR so far. I seriously use it every day whether it's on my racing rig driving in PCars 2 or watching my back while I'm shooting and killing zombies, I'm always doing something with it!

Now, sure, I have the common issues all VR users do like wanting higher resolution, wireless, better optics and FOV, etc but the only MAIN issue there is for me is the 3-5 year wait I'll have to go through before I can get better HMD's. More affordable 4K headsets with inside-out tracking, better touch and motion controllers, etc.

So yeah, enjoying the hell out of VR now but it's the wait for better tech that's killing me!

xumijomac50d ago

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datriax50d ago

The VR stupidity just doesn't end it seems. Could've taken that $5M, and dropped it in my bank account. Within a year or 2, it would have accomplished far greater good than flushing it down the toilet on this futureless garbage.