There's No Such Thing as a Good Loot Box

Jasmine Henry writes: "There is simply no such thing as a good example of a loot box, but the fact that this needs to be said at all just showcases exactly how this business model became a problem in the first place."

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Many-hat5334d ago

I agree. No such thing as a good loot box. While it could be argued not all are currently, bad, their eventual destination is obvious. If you like gaming, you must out of necessity therefore, despise loot boxes.

Snez334d ago

Loot boxes are just Gachapons that remove the ability to buy the desired item you want outright.
You know, that awful business model found in eastern FREE to play MMOs

T1125P334d ago

They should award you at least 3 loot boxes in Overwatch when you level up. Maybe even 5.