Halo 3: Xbox One X Enhanced vs. Xbox 360 Comparison ('High Ground' Map)

Take a look at a direct comparison between how Halo 3's "High Ground" multiplayer map looks running on Xbox One X vs. its original Xbox 360 version.

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Bigpappy212d ago

he jags are gone. and the textures are better. Frame rate should be more stable too with much better lad times. We shall see.

Obscure_Observer212d ago

Can wait to play Halo 3 again on my X!

Skull521211d ago Show
roslindros212d ago

Really hoping for a perfect lock no frame pacing issues

TankCrossing211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Same textures, now properly filtered. Basically an extreme case example of what the built-in 16xAF will do for games.

Assuming this is just Halo 3 with the baseline Xbox One X enhancements and no extra refinement, this is an impressive demo. Though it does also serve as a "look what PC gamers have been doing with every multiplatform game for the last decade" air to it.

russo121211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

As Gears "upgrade" nothing memorable. Shallow update and still images to spot.

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timotim212d ago

Huge improvements! I honestly dont see myself playing this version of the game however as I maxed it already but damn, for those that do its a great improvement. Is this getting added to MCC?

OffRoadKing212d ago

"huge" must mean something different now.

timotim212d ago

haha...its alright buddy, relax.

212d ago
4Sh0w212d ago

Yeah, well it was slightly improved with minor detail upgrades but hey fixing jags, improving load times and rock solid framerate is cool, especially for free.

Mostly I'm much more excited to check out the difference in games that are getting the full 4K treatment.

Kiwi66212d ago

No huge still means huge

OffRoadKing210d ago

@ timotim I am relaxed, but sese your the one who replied to my comment you must be the one who needs to relax.

@ G-haul Not frustrated at all little guy, I dont play old games so I dont get charged anything you on the other hand feel its necessary to buy a five hundred dollar console to play games from ages ago with slightly updated graphics, so which of us is actually spending money?

@Kiwi66 So then he used it wrong here, thanks for clearing that up.

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Black0ut212d ago

Looks good!

I'll try and go back to playing this as it's been a while.

Can't wait to see the major improvements that the X will bring!!!

roslindros212d ago

Well errr no but maybe Reach (idk) but MCC is getting an update UI overhaul

UKRsoldja211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

Halo 3 is already in 1080/60 in MCC, unless you mean the multiplayer aspect...

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sd11212d ago

Quite impressive. I have a handful of 360 games that I have been holding off playing since the X was announced. With this improvement I am quite glad I did.

OffRoadKing212d ago

Not worth the five hundred dollar upgrade.

Elit3Nick212d ago

Yes, because people only buy the X1X for an upscaled 360 game...

BiggerBoss211d ago

I mean, the main selling point of the 1x is upscaled 360 games. Can you name any big exclusives that are releasing?

OffRoadKing210d ago

Must be that, it sure wont be for its library of console exclusive games.

Black0ut212d ago


It's part of the package though dude... Or were you under the impression that the X is only coming with Halo 3 enhanced?

OffRoadKing210d ago

I was under the impression there would be real games worth buying the console for, theres not.

Black0ut210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

Then its obviously not for you then mate. Move on then ay? Or do you have a few more passive aggressive fanboy remarks to go yet? Lol

NoPeace_Walker212d ago

No it is not worth $500. With what this machine can do, it is worth $700 and it would still be a bargain.

OffRoadKing210d ago

But you'd buy it at whatever price Microsoft sold it for cause you're a shill, a cuck and a Microsoft sheep.

sd11211d ago

Depends. If you have ever purchased a remastered game then i think it would be. Free upgrades for 360 And xbox one games is a great incentive.
Of course it is not for everyone.

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Pantz212d ago

can't wait to play again on the X

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