Xbox One X Can Run Xbox 360 Games At Native 4K; OG Xbox Games At Close To 4K Says Xbox Exec

ThisGenGaming says "The Xbox One X just got some incredible news for fans of backwards compatibility."

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NoPeace_Walker421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

So True 4K not only pertains to XB1 titles, BUT all the previous generations of Xboxes too? Beastly!

MS must have wizards on the Xbox team to even make this possible.

TGG23421d ago

It's incredible because it also works using original discs. PS2 classics need to be purchased again and only get bumped to 1080p. Near 4K is insane for OG Xbox.

NoPeace_Walker421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

On the only reason those OG Xbox titles are near 4K at 1920p instead of 2160p is due to the 480p screen ratio of that generation. Ninja Gaiden Black is an OG Xbox title that has a widescreen format and can display at 2160p natively at 60fps.

I haven't been following the PS2 emulation titles lately but is there an increase in performance/graphics/resolutio n on the PS4 Pro from the OG PS4 on those PS2 titles? If the XB1X can do it, one would figure the Pro is offering a similiar upgrade as well.

TGG23421d ago

Nope, just the same on PS4 Pro. Nothing extra.

kevnb421d ago

Sony is just being greedy, they want to charge for the right to run any old game on their emulator. If you want the game rendered at higher resolution you have to pay even more.

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starchild421d ago

Backwards compatibility and the fact it actually upgrades original Xbox and Xbox 360 games is making me want to get an Xbox One X. These kinds of features matter a lot to me. If they get the Tenchu and Otogi games working I will almost certainly get an Xbox One X.

Bronxs15421d ago

I own a pro and honestly it feels more like a basic redesign than a beefed up mid-gen spec upgrade. I have a pro, and currently have no plans to upgrade my xbox one s to a one x system, but props to the xbox division. this is how you do a mid-gen refresh.

xbox haters can bash all they want, but everyone knows, if it was the ps4 pro that had 12 gigs of ram for hi res texture packs they'd be talking it up and singing it's praises from the mountain tops.

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indysurfn420d ago

@TGG23 If you look at my comment history you will know I'm a PS4 first fan. But I have to admit I'm kinda getting jealous. Your right you have to purchase PS2 games again. But not xbox games.

I was one of the people saying it should not have to be but was called a xbox fanboy. Maybe this will make Sony act right when it comes to backwards compatibility. Especially seeing how most of the time Nintendo is backwards compatible along with now Microsoft.

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jokerisalive421d ago

MS does have some of the best programmers from around the world working for them. This is a reason why they have been able to successfully utilize BC and this is just further proof of how capable they really are. This is amazing in terms of what they are able to do with the BC program.

Teflon02421d ago

Not exactly, it's more about the fact that they've used direct X and a average computer setup for Xbox since the beginning. While having good programmers is part of it. In the case of this. Literally it would take way less to emulate Xbox and 360 than PS3 or PS2 because the Emotion and cell

DARK_WOLF421d ago

Way to downplay xbox and make excuses for sony not having BC.

Bravo 👏

Saigon420d ago


Not certain why you are getting disagrees, but you are right. We all know why Sony cannot do BC, but some are playing like Sony has never said anything. Sony shot itself in the foot with going with these multiple design/system architecture and we as consumers have to pay the price for it, literally. MS choose the correct path since they designed the original Xbox. Yes they have good programmers, but the design of the architect has more to do with it than anything. Sony on the other hand, like I said earlier, shot them selves in the foot, took a different path, it hurt them financially, and they corrected it with the PS4. The problem is that it makes Sony look bad either way you look at it.

Sony has the ability to at least give us PS1 and PS2 games on the PS4 but they do not want to invest in that time or they are trying to get it right, its just taking them forever (remember hearing rumors during the PS3 days that they were working on a solution for BC via emulation for PS1 and PS2 games, which I am sure they implemented and now they are trying to figure out how to emulate the PS3 games without rebuilding, but instead of allowing the emulation to work via disk, you have to purchase and download the game).

Either way what MS did right here is pretty cool, but is it really enough to stall the horse?

gamingisnotacrime421d ago

Xbox brand has shown wizardly software development before. They just know what they are doing

Obscure_Observer421d ago

So much awesomeness! Future Xbox One X owners are about Epic fun times! Just a few more weeks people! ^ ^

Masta Kaos421d ago

This is what happens when you don't have exclusives....We want new games.

Prince_TFK421d ago

Except that they do have multiple exclusive coming up. Stop it with your fanboy mentality.

OffRoadKing421d ago

It takes wizards to make old games run better on better hardware?

Team_Litt421d ago

Sony certainly can't do it...

spreadlove420d ago

Not wizards, good software engineers!

Silverfang2340420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

the problem you seem to miss is those older games textures weren't created with 4K in mind since the xbone 360 could barely run games in 1080p 60fps, so all you're getting is glorified, stretched textures across a 4k resolution.

mwgray420d ago

Which means 360 emulation on the X1X is on par with PS4 games on PS4 Pro? Very few Pro patches involve 4k assets. I don't see a problem, and the videos released so far show that the system is resolving more detail from the provided assets. Maybe not 4K, but definitely above native quality.

thejigisup420d ago

No doubt theyll look great but this is not true 4k. Albert penello states that if the game was running 720p then itll be 4 times that, and og xbox games at 480 can be upscaled at 19x. This does not equal true 4k. So true 4k does not pertain to all previous generations. Its still a great achievement but the answer is no to your question.

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WilliamSheridan421d ago

I don't see how anyone can day this isn't good for gamers. Ok one has to repurchase their games. They can use original discs. Huge fan of both systems. Now we just need Xbox to start getting solid exclusives and that will be that. Or, honestly, I'd love to see them join forces and work together and make the gaming market a unified one.

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rpvenom421d ago

woohoo! lets buy an xbox one x to play old xbox games since we there are very little new exclusives to play on this $500 console!

Hahaha just kidding guys, just the sony fanboy in me talking..

Glad you guys get to enjoy your old games

NoPeace_Walker421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

That is weird, I was sure Fifa 18, Forza 7, Cuphead and shadow of war just came out along with AC Origin, COD WW2, Battlefront 2 in the next few weeks and RDR2, the new Far Cry, State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3, Anthem, Kingdom Heart 3 next year. Those NEW games must've been canceled on Xbox. /S

Also, nothing is wrong with old games just like many have enjoyed remastered titles in this generation. More options the better.

CyberSentinel421d ago

Very few of those games are “exclusive”, and the few that are, I can play on my PC.

UnHoly_One421d ago

CyberSentinel, who cares?

When I'm playing Destiny 2 or Shadow of War, I'm not thinking "This game would be so much better if nobody else was able to play it on their platform!"

NoPeace_Walker421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

"I can play on my PC."

Well, I and many others don't have a gaming PC or care to play on PC. If you do, good for you. I'll be enjoying Red Dead Redemption 2 along with Red Dead Redemption and Ninja Gaiden Black..all enhanced on my X. Thank you very much

King Nezz421d ago

Sad thing is an old game, and I mean old (Halo 3), will still offer better multiplayer than any PS4 game. And if anyone says Destiny or COD is better, well I'll say those are on Xbox One too. So this whole thing where Xbox owners are excited to play old games... well yeah, because those games can't be found on a Sony platform.

Malacath420d ago


Not everyone has a PC capable of running those games well. And some people just prefer consoles.

343_Guilty_Spark420d ago

How does one find time to play all those games? Not really directed at you just saying the exclusive thing is so overblown. Like do people just blow through games in a week or month? How long does it take to beat Shadow of War? 15-20 hrs? Cuphead maybe if you’re really good and don’t die 6 hrs

KickSpinFilter420d ago

All coming out on PS4 except SoD2, Forza 7 and Cuphead.
And the only one I feel like I am personally going to miss out on is Cuphead. Gheeerr!!
So this gen for Xbox for me HD Bluray Drive, Quantum B, Cuphead, Gears 4, just not enough yet for me to "jump in" as of yet.

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Death421d ago

I appreciate you are kidding, but the truth is not all exclusive games appeal to all gamers. The "old" games in 4K native is going to be a lot of fun. For some of us, popping in the disc we already own will be a fun replay, for others it will be a new experience since not many gamers experienced these games the first time through.

Enjoying previous gen games on the Xbox One X is only part of the consoles benefit. Current gen multi platform games should look and play best on Xbox One X and there are exclusives on Xbox One as well. Not to mention Xbox One S and Xbox One X do play 4K Blu-ray Discs too.

Condemnedman420d ago

until Sony brings it in with the ps5 and then it will be the best thing ever

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