You’ll Never see this Persona 5: Ultimate Edition Coming (Don’t get too excited)

Persona 5: Ultimate Edition leaked, offering gamers the option to purchase all the available DLC content on the PSN in one handy download.


Not really a leak as much as it is a stealth release. It is currently live in Europe and Australia. Updated article to reflect that.

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Lynx0207414d ago

It is already available in EU. The price is a joke.

Kaiou414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

Aha, remember when Atlus sent the cease and desist letter to the PS3 emulator team over the use of Persona 5 several weeks ago? This makes so much sense yup brace yourselves for a PC announcement very soon. Welcome aboard Atlus.(Hopefully)

.....also where's the PS4 Pro patch you twats ??

Killa78414d ago

Why does it make sense? This dlc is completely avoidable.

And what do you want a pro patch for? The game runs incredibly well...

InTheZoneAC414d ago

He wants a pro patch the same reason why every PC game runs better on better hardware.

I don't feel the need or want for a pro patch, but if there's any improvements to be had why not?

Kaiou414d ago

This game was released on both PS3 and PS4 at the same time, it's an amazing game but it doesn't really scream cutting edge in term of graphics, the PS4 Pro should be easily capable of running this at native 4K, would that be a bad thing?

franwex414d ago

I’m feeling the ps3 version too. One last ps3 game before retirement (not that it will ever truly retire, I’m positive I’ll continue to collect for it).

InTheZoneAC414d ago

Just downloaded three Castlevania games and Alice for the PS3 from the weekly sale, week 2 starts today so we'll see what else they have.

GamesMaster1982414d ago

Will never retire my PS3. It's sat right next to PS4 and i switch between them all the time. PS3 has some of the best games ever made on the system, so i just cant give it up.

VersusDMC414d ago

Meh... Get back to me when they add some new single player content like FES or Golden.

VersusDMC414d ago

Why am I getting downvoted? Are people really into a double the price version of the game that comes with only extra costumes and other cosmetic dlc? I have bought every version of persona since 3 and this is a rip off. And this thing doesn't even make sense. Persona super fans already bought the game... So do they expect them to buy it again at a ludicrous price? Because only a super fan would pay that much for it. This should have been available at launch if they wanted anybody to buy this.... Buy the regular version people.

VersusDMC414d ago (Edited 414d ago )

LOL. I though I was exaggerating when I said it was double the price... But it's 166.99 in Canada. Games are 79.99 in Canada at launch. So more than double. It comes with the costume and bgm bundle ( sold separately for your convenience at 79.99 CAN) and Persona bundle ( sold at 26.99 CAN). So if you already have the game you can buy the DLC bundle at 106.98 CAN. Let's all rejoice with the SAVINGS at hand!!!

I'm a Sony and Persona fanboy to a point. I've seen the base game on sale for 49.99... Let's call a rip off when we see it.

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The story is too old to be commented.