Call of Duty WWII Requires Minimum 80 Gigabyte Hard Drive Space on PS4

Call of Duty WW2 will require a minimum of 80GB hard drive space on PlayStation 4.

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Palitera413d ago

I wonder if you need twice that space for the download/install process.

bloop413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

I guess it's all the future DLC they have planned. Just get everyone to download it all now and have them to pay for it later when it "releases" 😉

Neonridr414d ago

yowzers.. this is pre any DLC mind you.

2pacalypsenow413d ago

I thought I read somewhere that the DLC get installed no matter what, I've seen some people who pre loaded the game and it only takes up aroung 45gb.

So this might be with DLC.

Neonridr413d ago

you could be right. Once you pay it unlocks the content without having to download anymore.

strayanalog414d ago

Way to be preposterous, EA. EA Games: Take Up Everything.

strayanalog413d ago

haha. Jeez! Yes it is. Memory lapse. Thanks, Rimeskeem. Okay, edit: Way to be preposterous, Activision.

Tankbusta40413d ago

Another reason to pass on this game...No way this needs to be this friggen big

blady_man413d ago

Most of the games now a days take 60 to 80gb so i dont know why u hating!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.