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SCW1982297d ago

PT is easily the most disturbing and scary thing I have ever experienced in the medium.

roadkillers297d ago

That voice in the phone stuck with me. Anyways, I've read online that PT was never to be a game, but contained hidden messages of Kojima leaving Konami.. I love the conspiracies.

Foraoise297d ago

Why the downvotes when there's no competation? PT is easily the scariest video game (I know it's a "teaser" but I'm grouping it in here) ever.

gangsta_red297d ago

PT was a great demo of what could have been.

I wish or hopeful that one day it will come back...somehow.

mafiahajeri296d ago

Pt was prettt damn scary but after playing resident evil vr I dont see myself playing scary games without vr.