The Destiny 2 PC Interview: “I've never been as proud of anything I’ve ever done”

Vikki Blake: "For while developing Destiny for PC may seem deceptively simplistic, Bungie – synonymous with meaty melees, satisfying gunplay, and rich, detailed (if occasionally convoluted) world-building – knew it had a difficult task on its hand. How the hell could it deliver a PC action shooter that also felt like Destiny? It was a “unique challenge”, admits the PC team."

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Thunder_G0d_Bane418d ago

Well I can’t wait to play Destiny 2 on my pc. Loved the beta. And skipped the PS4 version.

Just annoyed I have to wait til 6pm tomorrow here in the uk ;/

HallowedSoul1418d ago

Played it on ps4 game is somehow even worse than vanilla destiny. Basically added some good things but than took everything great about destiny 1 and threw it in the trash can. I had every exotic and was max level 305 before I even beat the raid 2 weeks into the game only played 3 hrs a day after work. Also hard mode raid is a joke doesn't give you anything. And all the exotic guns have zero perk changing options.

datriax418d ago

“I've never been as proud of anything I’ve ever done”

If this pile of digital schlock is the proudest thing in your life, then you have achieved absolutely nothing of value. LOL

Jesus, this thing is such a pile of worthless s**t with one goal.... to siphon money from morons.