Assassin’s Creed Origins Launch Trailer Tells the Legend of the Assassin in 4K

Assassin's Creed Origins is getting close to its release date, and Ubisoft jumped the gun with a brand new launch trailer.


Added a new upload of the trailer.

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Bigpappy356d ago

I like the gruesomeness. That aspect reminds me of Ryse.

356d ago
Fishy Fingers356d ago

Alt link:

I was getting “not available” from the embedded one.

DrumBeat356d ago

Ubisoft and PC don't mix well, historically.

Kiwi66356d ago

Its not if you either don't have a PC or want to play it on console

DrumBeat356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Honestly, though, he's a PlayStation fanboy hiding behind daddy PC. That's all they do. If 'their' brand can't beat the competition, they start yelping about how "Well, ya know, uhuh, PC is still better then yours guyses." My dad can beat up your dad, essentially. In this case though, the dad (PC) doesn't give a shit about his son (PS4) and will rip on him any chance he gets. He's the father PlayStation fanboys will hide behind when they feel insecure, but can't be trusted because that father won't hesitate to throw you back to the wolves because he thinks you're a little weakling. Always amusing to see though.

Prince_TFK356d ago

Watch Dogs 2 was a sluttering unplayable mess on my PC (a gtx 1070 equipped pc) even after the game’s multiple updates so I will be abit more cautious about this one.

Adexus356d ago

I'm hopeful for this one, Black Flag launched in a really good state (except for the performance killing PhysX effects) and this is by the same team, they've had an extra year, it's launching at the same time as consoles which I think is a first for AC on PC? Could be wrong but they're usually delayed by a couple weeks to a month if memory serves me right. They've taken some care for the PC settings too along with an in-game benchmark.

We'll see though, really hoping it's not a disaster of a PC version.