Brawlout Xbox One X Likely To Run At Native 4K/60fps, PS4 Pro May Require Optimizations – Dev

This is where the Xbox One X's superior hardware comes into play.

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Septic273d ago

Surely the Pro can run this on Native 4k/60fps? Doesn't look that technically demanding?

gameseveryday273d ago

In our interview, the answer to the Xbox One X hitting 4K/60fps was more enthusiastic. When asked about the PS4 Pro version, the developer said they are looking into it but it may need optimizations.

Eonjay272d ago

But they didn't say yes to either? "confirmed that native 4K/60fps is on the cards."
Yeah, let me just say that both consoles have run better looking games in native 4K so I would expect them to be able hit it here. And yes, I know it is up to the developer, but come on guys, this game looks super simple.

Captain_Tom272d ago

They will need to utilize FP16 and take extra care with textures.

Chris12272d ago

@Captain_Tom, are you still running with that FP16 crap? It is not going to make any difference in the power gap so please stop embarrassing yourself.

NoPeace_Walker273d ago

The Raw power of the GPU and 12gb of Ram made a world of difference. Yup, superior hardware.

Obscure_Observer273d ago

Maybe they can achieve 4K via Checkerboard.

seanpitt23272d ago

Can't wait until next generation so they can get rid of them Crappy CPUs they have held back performance in a big way this generation.

BrettAwesome272d ago

If they can just hit 3 ghz cpu clock, 10tflops gpu and 16 gb of ram, games could do so much more than today. Not just graphics wise , but also in terms of gameplay complexity, innovative mechanics etc. They need a better balance between cpu and gpu power

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XiNatsuDragnel273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Pretty standard

ElementX273d ago

You can always tell a gamingbolt article by the headline...

DrumBeat272d ago

You can always expect someone to say this, too.

Sgt_Slaughter272d ago

Well they keep doing it so of course there's going to comments on it.

corroios273d ago

Lol, this game should run at 4k on base models. people should see the trailer before talking....

HeyNowChillax272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

SO Smash brothers without the beloved characters. 4K 60fps for a cartoonish fighting game.... "Feel The Power" SMH.

DaDrunkenJester272d ago

Its all about the optimization skills of the developer.

WilliamSheridan272d ago

The systems use similar architecture, there isn't much to optimize, other than the X using some custom additions...

Team_Litt272d ago

Should be a breeze for the Pro then right? Oh wait, nope.

Black0ut272d ago

SMH alright man...

Chill out and be happy yea?

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The story is too old to be commented.