Animal Crossing Mobile Is Getting a Nintendo Direct Later This Week

After months of silence.

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Nodoze53d ago

Give me AC switch not this mobile crap. Not interested.

DJK1NG_Gaming53d ago

Iwata said and Nintendo also said. Mobile games they are bringing pave the way for future and upcoming title.
Pokemon GO! came before Sun & Moon, Fire Emblem Heroes before Echoes and Warriors.

The same thing will happen here. Promotion in Mario Run for Super Mario Odyssey and same with Fire Emblem Heroes had Warriors promotion.

Ephemeralespoir53d ago

I'm impressed by how Nintendo handles their mobile games. Pretty excited for this one.

53d ago
Servbot4153d ago

This would sell me on a Switch. Too bad its gonna be a garbage phone game.
"Your villager is too tired to chop trees/dig/help animals. You can buy a pick-me-up for 99 cents or wait 3 hours."

Nintendew53d ago

Was just gonna say that!
Cut down 2 trees and gotta wait 3hrs to do more.
I'll prob still DL it but I hate timed games like those.

manninpj53d ago

In all likelihood, it won't even be that in depth. My guess is it'll be a home customization deal with random loot box furniture. Some simple puzzle league element for the main game. I doubt we're getting overwork day stuff like fishing and neighbors.

Deviwolf53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Rather play nintendo on mobile, since nintendo cant for the life of them figure out their online network or anything. fuck the switch

jagermaster61953d ago

Says the guy who doesn't own one lol, I have no issues.

DJK1NG_Gaming53d ago

Nintendo Online Network isn't live. Switch owners are using Free Service.

Nintendew53d ago

F the switch? Hope you buttered the joy-con first!

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