Animal Crossing UPDATE - Nintendo to reveal details on iOS and Android game THIS week

ANIMAL Crossing fans looking forward to the upcoming iOS and Android game are set for a huge blowout of new information on the Nintendo smartphone title.

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Zero_Suit_Samus331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

Can’t wait! Still hoping for Switch version but that will be a long wait I suppose. Also hoping for a Pikmin 4 announcement soon.

Erik7357330d ago

We will defiantly get a animal crossing switch at some point. 2018 looks a little bare for Nintendo Switch that defiantly have something planned to release for it I know that so we could see a Animal crossing soon who knows

331d ago
-Foxtrot331d ago

Who wants a mobile version? Seriously?

A new game should be in the making for Switch

331d ago
gleepot331d ago

Plenty of people will eat up a mobile version if it's done well. I'm sure a Switch title is also in the works, why wouldn't it be?

-Foxtrot331d ago

"You do not have enough bells for this transaction, please go here to buy more bells"

That's all you are going to see

Sgt_Slaughter330d ago

I think it was announced like Pokemon was, in the sense that it was only verbally confirmed and no other details. I could be mistaken though.

Erik7357330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Who wants a mobile version? People who just have a phone for gaming, hey dude its maybe not for you and me and for casuals and fans of the series to hold them off until the Switch version comes out? Don't be like "Oh Nintendo is using their time to make these games for casuals and I'm going to assume there isn't a switch version being made for us gamers blablabla" This game isn't even being made by Nintendo, Niantic is using their properties with Nintendo's guidance. Try not to get Nintendo and Niantic mixed up.

We are seeing a mobile game now because idk its faster to make than a full fledged animal crossing for Switch? This guy

Erik7357330d ago (Edited 330d ago )

Like im not saying mobile animal crossing is anything to get pumped up for but dont think that its delaying or hindering the development of Animal crossing on Switch because it's getting a phone game and this was none for like 6 months that it was coming out so this isn't a surprise of some sort. I swear this guy looks for any moment for the slightest chance to find something negative of NIntendo's business

princejb134330d ago

I'm sure its going to have a lot of micro transactions