Overwatch: Blizzard Confirms Pharah Has Native American Heritage

J Station X: Blizzard confirms that Overwatch character Pharah has Native American heritage, following cultural appropriation criticisms about her Native skins.

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masterfox55d ago

Who gives a damn what heritage is!, in the end is going to be used for one purpose to kill the opposite team and win the match, putting descendance in a video game character is just meant to cause controversy purposely by the developer so they can gain more attraction for their game, imo I think that is very cheap by the developer. I mean can we have cool characters to play and know they are cool just because of the things it does in the game ?, for example Dante in the PS2 era, freaking badass character killing demons and beasts, oh but wait what heritage Dante is??......who gives a damn!, damn character kills freaking demons and beast while heavy rock is playing in the background!.......but....bu... .the demons and beast what descendance have?, do they have families?.......just shut up!!!


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Zeref55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

You don't have to care. Some people do care about how they can relate to a character. if nobody cared we'd be playing as stick figures.
I know I feel more related to characters who are underdogs or went through something similar as I did or looks a little bit like me. Which makes me care more about the character. The more I care about the character the more I'm willing to invest in it, like buying extra costumes for example. Which is what they're trying to accomplish.

This doesn't take anything away from the game.

-Foxtrot55d ago

Blizzard literally goes into Tumblr, see's what theories people have made, decides to do them for brownie points

DialgaMarine55d ago

Probably the worst cesspool on the internet to search for any sort of rational thought.

pifo55d ago

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Godmars29055d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Wasn't she Egyptian?

And yes, I don't know.

Don't really care given how character backgrounds mean little to nothing in terms of the game as far as gameplay is concerned. This is all about external context lore.

Pro_TactX55d ago

Can’t she be both? Two parents = two possible heritages.

Godmars29055d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Its reaching for one far fetched if not impossible for another.

Does start to look insulting if only being done so that game designers can legitimize things like this. Then again it shouldn't be an issue if someone wants to dress from other cultures.

Pro_TactX54d ago

Why is it reaching or far-fetched/impossible? If a person of Egyptian descent mates with a person of Native American descent, the resulting offspring would be of both Egyptian and Native American descent. That's not only possible, but it's probably already happened in the world somewhere.

Godmars29054d ago (Edited 54d ago )

The issue isn't that such is possible in the real world but rather than in this context where a game character of mostly undefined origin and history, aside from appearance, is suddenly and conveniently something else in addition as some in the audience call "cultural appropriation."

Again, I have no problem with an Egyptian character sporting a Native American redesign suit for a Halloween event or whatever, but that they have to now rewrite her in order to justify or allow her to wear it.

I mean, FFS, is Diva now American-Korean because of the 50s retro suit?

NiteX55d ago

It's really weird that people actually give a damn about this. All I give a shit about is that she's fun to shoot rockets at people with.

Gunstar7555d ago

"Cultural appropriation" f**k off

gjxodnvb55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Yea, only white males allowed in my games!


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BlackTar18755d ago

i don't think that's what he's saying at all. Sounds to me like you're the one who is always thinking about White males for some reason. Sometimes people just want them to make games and stop with all the over PC nonsense they are making points to do to stay in the news.

You sound like a racist btw.

DialgaMarine55d ago

Good job missing the point and exposing yourself as a sorry little cuck. That’s gonna get you places, I’m sure.

Saying cultural appropriation sucks is not equivalent to “I hate anyone that isn’t a white male!”. That’s your own pathetic insecurity. It’s saying that we don’t need shoved down our throats everywhere we go because we already get it: Racism = bad, diversity = good. It’s not hard to learn, and we damn sure don’t need every piece of our entertainment to be a god damned civics lesson. So she’s Native American? Cool. Put that info in an in-game character bio to read for people who actually care. It doesn’t need to be announced to world because it’s info that’s completely irrelevant to the fact it’s a video game.

InTheZoneAC55d ago

Glad you misinterpreted his post and it seems YOU are the problem

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