Shin Megami Tensei V Announced for the Nintendo Switch, Teaser Trailer

The previously announced Shin Megami Tensei HD Project for the Nintendo Switch has officially resurfaced as Shin Megami Tensei V.

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zivtheawesome49d ago

not trying to sound like a fanboy but i don't get why it doesn't release on ps4 as well. persona sold super well for them on ps4 why are they purposefully hurting their sales. maybe it'll get a ps4 release on the west or something.

Neonridr49d ago

maybe Nintendo is helping with development? Who knows to be honest.

freshslicepizza49d ago

Odd isn't it? The number one commentary here is exclusives but when they don't get announced for the PS4 it's like, why aren't these games coming?

Concertoine49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

SMT IV was on 3ds exclusively. I think it sold well too - partly because of the announcement of FE x SMT which ended up being nothing like it. At the time it was second only to Persona 4 as fastest selling Atlus game.

Super underrated game in the west too - one of the most punishing rpgs ive ever played. I hope they keep the turn based combat.

AspiringProGenji49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Neither Sony nor Nintendo help atlus with development as far as I know. Sega is still the publisher of both series. it is just Atlus keeping Persona and SMT on separate consoles for each audience. I actually like it this way since they are too similar and being in different platforms give them identity. Hopefully they keep it this way.

And what about the PC and xbox fanboys also asking the same thing and PC beggars trying to emulate persona 5? SMT doesn’t get as hyped ad Persona anyways, so you won’t see begging for a SMT port and being anxious. OP question is nothing compared to xfanvoys downplaying JP games calling them niche or PC begging for a port

NewMonday49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

think Atlus want to balance between the 2 platforms, mainline MegaTen for Nintendo and Persona for Playstation. it would be best to just make them all multi-platform. no sense in splitting the franchise fanbase.

also I think Nintendo more actively solicit traditional Japanese franchises, props to them.

LegoIsAwesome49d ago

Shin Megami Tensei -> Nintendo
Main Series Persona -> Sony
Persona Spin-Offs -> Multiplatform

Except for Persona Q.

ONESHOTV249d ago

Genji the emulated version of persona 5 sh--ts on both the ps3 and PS4 version btw i own the game

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Dumpling49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

i know how you feel but well Persona 5 is a PS4 exclusive and SMT is a Switch exclusive. i wish they weren't exclusive at all but such is life. im still gonna own them both anyways

SlapHappyJesus49d ago

Could promise you right now that if they released Persona 3 and 4 as a double pack, and Persona 5, both for $60 on the PC respectively, I would buy them day one.

Snookies1249d ago

Was just about to mention that, with P5 being PS4 exclusive. This is awesome news for Switch owners though! This and Mario Odyssey are seriously making me consider buying a Switch. (Already wanted one for that Mario Kart greatness as well, haha.)

Woolly_49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

third_party exclusives are celebrated until you don't have access to it ^_^.

Prime example here. .

they've got deals with platform holders behind the scenes. . obviously. It's not as simple as, "oh there are more PS4s in the wild therefore you MUST release your game on the platform".

bluefox75549d ago

Can't you ever comment without acting like a loyalist? He just asked a question ffs.

Woolly_49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I dont think ive said anything offensive. .

I simply spoke(wrote) my mind.

I dont see how ive acted like a loyalist. . perhaps its all in your head.

The sooner some people here understand that not every dev needs the ps4 to sell their games the better.

MegamanXXX49d ago


That was hilarious

littlezizu49d ago

Persona is bigger franchise than smt even though persona started as spin off of smt. So i don't mind this being solely in switch as long as rumors of Persona 3 and 4 remake in persona 5 engine is true.
Also SMT and FE are more niche than what people think of them so Atlus would ve gotten help for nintendo for smt to remain exclusive.
Before people start complaining they are not niche, FE W released week ago bombed so hard it didn't chart europe and us. It had less than 10k in japan too.

Gemmol49d ago

Before you respond please think again how many switch systems is make it seem like the system been selling for 4 years now, it's only been 7 months, although it sold well, it still did not sell enough systems to help make games chart higher on sales chart, so it will take time you know the highest 1st party selling ps4 game in Japan is like 200,000..........lets just say i guarantee it sell 300k by the time the system reach 1 year in march 2018 beating out all Sony 1st party like other Nintendo franchise do

Kun_ADR49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Then why isn't Persona 5 release on the Switch as well? The thing is, just like the other has stated maybe Nintendo lend a helping hand to Atlus.

Not every games have to appear on the PS4. Some of you always criticize about Xbox having no exclusive, but when there is a new and exciting exclusive for other platforms comes up you bitch and moan about why it isn't coming to the PS4. What is it that you guys want anyway?

AspiringProGenji49d ago

You are probably new to this not to know that both SMT and Persona fans been asking the same thing everytime one of these games is announced. When Persona 5 was announced and hyped nintendo fans were saying the same thing, and many are still hoping for a Switch port since the Switch is popular. Now we are seeing the same with SMT... rinse and repeat

Does this game needs a Ps4 port? Not necessary but having the bigger intall base and persona being so popular there is not a bad idea. You are mentioning xbox out of nowhere but in fact that is the port SMT doesn’t need because JP games don’t sell there

NoPeace_Walker49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

It is funny how every time a game is not on PS4, like Shin Megami Tensei V or even Cuphead, developers are dumb to lose money. If it is the other way around and a game is not on Switch and or Xbox, then the bragging of it being exclusive is non-stop.

I have my PS4 Slim and I have Persona 5. I have a switch for this jRPG and Xenoblade X2. Problem solved

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DarXyde49d ago

Nintendo is known to get SMT and PlayStation gets Persona.

Love both, but I think Sony is getting the sweeter deal.

AspiringProGenji49d ago

They do since Persona is the lost successful and most hyped series. It was actually persona which exposed SMT more instead of being the opposite

jznrpg49d ago

For some reason Shin Megami Tensei has been on Nintendo handhelds for some time and Persona on PlayStation except Persona Q on 3ds. They would do well to have them on both but it seems Nintendo has a deal in place for SMT . I will get this on Switch but I agree it would be cool to have on PlayStation too .

G3ng4r49d ago

Just kind of the way it's always been. Dark and slightly morbid smt on nintendo, highschool anime dating simulator on playstation.

Big_Game_Hunters49d ago

It's a 3DS dev moving to an HD console . Let them focus on one version first then later it may go to PS4/pc

G3ng4r49d ago

Looking at smt4 and its sequel I wouldn't count on it. People are hurt that they aren't getting a game in a traditionally nintendo series but this is no surprise.

DwightSchrute0149d ago

Did persona release on the switch?

G3ng4r49d ago

Sure didn't but the ones crying for smt5 are okay with that.

l3w1s49d ago


I would fucking kill for P5 (and others) on Switch and I have the Take Your Heart edition already. I would also like SMTV to release on PS4. Actually, I don't really see the point in Persona being PS exclusive and SMT being Nintendo exclusive. I think it would be a great trade.

trumpwonstopcrying49d ago

It may have more to do with sega/sammy wanting to maintain good relationships with sony and nintendo. They're offering excellent content for both companies.

mrbojingles48d ago

To be fair, SMTIV and SMTIV: Apocalypse did well on 3DS in all regions too. So they have just as much reason to not fear losing sales.

But since I own both Switch/PS4 and its Unreal 4 it would make sense to be on as many as possible

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Shinox49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Nothing bother me more than a big budget game exclusivity on this day and age considering they do know they have audience on the other platform and give 0 fxxxs about them .. Atlus is very fossil and not getting with the times

SlapHappyJesus49d ago

Games release only on the Playstation - "Wooh! Another exclusive! People really understand the perks of backing Sony as a company!"
An exclusive release only for the Switch - "Atlus is a fossil and needs to understand there are other audiences out there".

G3ng4r49d ago

He's upset right now, leave him be.

49d ago
MrMagz49d ago

It's the same thing with Persona, which is an Atlus series that is only on Playstation. Nintendo probably helped publish or even fund SMTV, just like how Sony helps with the development of Persona games. I'm sure Atlus would love to have both game series come to everything possible, but they can't due to how the games are being made and distributed.

BenjaMan6449d ago

Interesting. It'll be nice to at last try a main SMT game.

Eamon49d ago

I've never played a SMT game.
Is it basically Persona monster-catching but without Stands & school simulator?

BenjaMan6449d ago (Edited 49d ago )

From what little I know, yes. Whereas in the Persona series only the main characters, some of the supporting cast and the antagonists know of Tartarus/The TV World/The Metaverse, in SMT the existence of spirits and demons seem to be public knowledge. SMT is a "purer" JRPG, and less of a social sim/visual novel than Persona, I think. I may be wrong, of course. As I said, this will be my first SMT game.

Jivesh49d ago

Wish it was coming to PS4 but SMT is Nintendo and Persona is PlayStation. Hopefully this is up to the quality of Persona 5

Relientk7749d ago

This looks cool, definitely wanna see more