As Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Prepares For Its 15th Anniversary, We Notice Just How Small It Was

From GameWatcher: "October 27, also known as the release of two high-profile video games this year, marks the 15th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. In retrospect, it really wasn't as big as we remember."

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chrisx49d ago

2nd best GTA game after san andreas.

GamesMaster198249d ago

Best GTA for me and the best soundtrack also. Sick of all the rap and hiphop crap in the latest games.

mafiahajeri48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Oh yeah it had the best soundtrack, but GTA always had variety in music so if you dont like the music change the station.

This song was the best

The cast was mental Ray liotta as Tommy Vercetti was genius, luis guzman as diaz was epic too

GamesMaster198248d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I know they all have a variety in music . But V pretty much had all rap, rnb and hiphop and I just don't like them types of music at all. And yes Tommy Vercetti will always be my fave GTA character.

MadMax48d ago

Same here! Definately an awesome soundtrack, some of the best bands came outta the 80s!

2pacalypsenow48d ago

Vice City had Hip Hop, just like Every GTA game since 3.

GTA 5 has a massive library of music and not just Rap

GamesMaster198248d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Yes all garbage music for the gangster wanabee youth these days.

arkard48d ago

GTA 5 library of music may have been massive, but I couldn't find a single good rock/metal station. They focused on rap/hip hop and everything else was an afterthought.

2pacalypsenow48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

If Rap was such garbage, it wouldn't be so popular in GTA games.

Maybe it's just you that doesn't like the genre, I will agree that current Rap is trash, but there are some gems there and 90's-2000's was great.

micbrc48d ago

I'll agree the selection wasn't as good as San Andreas was radio X was an awesome station but there's some solid tracks on vbr like fidlar cocaine

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mafiahajeri48d ago

Hey what about my girl likes to party all the time? And give it to me baby...

It isnt all rap and hip hop thats bs

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micbrc48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

The map in the article isn't really to scale and it's not completely comparable I'd equate vice city's size to half of Los Santos City in v not counting outside Of the City ofcourse

Also still ties in for best GTA soundtrack and story along with San Andreas

InTheZoneAC48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Vice city has a small map, no where close to half of V's map

BrettAwesome48d ago

Well, he didn't really say that, did he?

micbrc48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

I'm not saying half of v's map I'm saying take purely the city of LS in v forget about everything else in the game ignore everything North of the vinewood hills and West of the pier and it's most likely about just under half the size. The map in the article will try and tell you the comparable size is equivalent to the docks that's just not right

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