Gran Turismo Wins Sporting Contest (UK Sales Charts Ending October 21)

It’s been a busy week for new releases with most major titles trying to avoid each other by releasing on different days, or simply launching early in the week in order to get good visibility as the week unfolds.

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chrisx391d ago

As expected GT sports gonna crush forza 7

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Kribwalker391d ago

with twice the userbase i would expect it to sell better. One area it didn’t crush forza in was being a good game. the thing that matters, seeing as it’s a game

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DJStotty391d ago

Logical comments have no place on N4G lol

leoms391d ago

where did you put that goal post? I could of swore it was right here a moment ago.

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Lime123391d ago

This is UK. In UK PS4 leads by 1.6:1. And this Xbox's second strongest market. If in UK is almost 3:1, then imagine sales in Germany, Italy, Spain,...where Xbox One doesn't exist.

StormSailor391d ago

Kribwalker. Forza 7 was released for PC / Xbox One, so an installed base larger than GT Sport on PS4, this argument doesn't work. Hilarious damage control attempt from you guys

DarXyde391d ago

While I believe Forza has become the more "fun" franchise, user scores on Metacritic disagree. There's a lot of gray area with reviews though. People will say they're paid when working against their favor or valid when it favors their opinion. User scores, similarly, are brushed off as fanboy down votes, but surely that is true in both circumstance.

To that end, the disparity between user and reviewer scores says a lot: basically, you can't draw any conclusions regarding which is "better". I certainly can't since I've yet to play either. I seriously doubt you have either.

Sunny_D391d ago

Such a good game, yet sales are declining? 🤔 LMAO😂

rainslacker391d ago

Almost every review I've read said it was a good game. Said the driving was much better than prior games. Seems there is a lot of praise for the new direction it's being taken in in the reviews department.

The thing which seems to be holding it back is the apparent lack of content, and the MP focus, which ironically is part of the same thing it's been praised for.

Game is currently sitting at 76 on meta. While not an amazing score, it's certainly not a score conducive to lumping it into being a bad game.

Cryptcuzz390d ago

LMAO. Damn, the hurt is real...with your comment.
Sounds like some kid on a play ground frustrated that he lost in a game of kick ball or something.

Guess your opinion was not shared by many, seeing as many more people actually cared to buy Gran Turismo over Forza.

Gran Turismo not only crushes it's competition every time, but crushes feelings from those who wish to see it fail! Bahahahaha.

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SwampthingsSon391d ago

So you're excited an inferior game sold better than one a team of people poured their hearts and souls into and made an incredible game that did well with critics? Nice!

leoms391d ago

since you were involved in the developpement of the game, did you ask them why they include loot boxes in it?

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