Wolfenstein 2 Reverse Artwork Is Better Than The Actual Cover

The artwork is better than the actual cover.

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spicelicka391d ago

As is often the case, looks awesome!

EatCrow391d ago

I much prefer the layering in the main cover over the reverse one.

-Foxtrot391d ago

I like how they included it on the Steelbook...shame we never got Dooms reverse cover art on a Steelbook

FallenAngel1984391d ago

Aren't reverse covers usually always better

mafiahajeri391d ago

Got the game in my hand now, I agree.

Prince_TFK390d ago

Really? How did you get it so fast?

mafiahajeri390d ago

Middle east, we dont believe in street dates...

Prince_TFK390d ago

Thta’s cool. Hope you are enjoying it. My country usually get stuff a few days earlier too. But this month is so different from other. I am waiting for Mario Odyssey and since its street date had been broken in so many countries I thought my country would get it earlier too.

But now still nothing. Man I wish I was in your country.

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The story is too old to be commented.