Are singleplayer games dying out?

"Dead Space is dead—and some are worried singleplayer games in general could soon be following in its wake."

Jack Medland-Slater from Rad or Shite Gaming takes a look at the changing world of gaming, and whether or not the last few bastions of solo play are finally falling.

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FallenAngel1984391d ago

You're blowing this out of proportion. One developer m getting shut down because of one shoddy publisher's business dealing doesn't mean the entire industry is going to abandon providing single player games.

UltraNova390d ago

Agreed. But lets not turn a blind eye to the new trend here. By trend I mean the traditional SP game we know is actually changing. Nowdays even SP worlds are connected online in such ways that if you choose to ignore the online part it significantly diminishes your experience with the game. Even games that have distinctly separated SP and MP games seem to sacrifice alol from the former simply because thats not were the money is at.

Hardiman391d ago

Jesus, another one?!?! No they are not see all comments on the other articles.

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