Sea of Thieves is the Most Unique Looking Game Out There But There’s a Problem

The Sea of Thieves MMO style game is Xbox One not-so-secret weapon. Fans have waited for the game for a long time. Form everything we have seen from the game, it’s one of the most fun experiences you will have with this console generation so far. We have previews praising the title. Heck, we are in love with the games new art book by Dark Horse Comics. With all that being said, something still holds some back from loving the game. Microsoft might recognize a big problem after the games release date.

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DirtyPete417d ago

With all of this EA and Narrative focus hoopla thinking about a title like Sea of Thieves definitely comes to mind. So many people are defending single player, even game companies. Might not be the best time for just another MMO like this even if it is unique among the now crowded genera.

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KickSpinFilter415d ago

I like online games also, but eventually you get to a point of burn out. This year and a half has been a nice break starting with UC4 (SP), The Last Guardian, RE7, HZD, HellBlade, Nier. etc
I wish MS would do more.. Gears 4, Quantum B, and Cuphead all look like games I'd love but need a bit more to "Jump in"

WePlayDirty417d ago

This is another GaaS title. I see it doing ok at launch, but will dwindle within 2 months.

lelo2play416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

I agree with you. Have a feeling this game will fade away a couple months after release... and likely take down Rare with it. If the game is not successfully, Microsoft will probably close down Rare.

As for Sea of Thieves, I'm not a fan of MMO's. Rare should have done Fable 4 instead.... or even something else.

agent4532415d ago

Have Sea of Thieves an offline split screen multiplayer mode plus LAN support. If Microsoft allows mod support for this game then it will succeed.

-Foxtrot415d ago (Edited 415d ago )

I think if Rare was getting back into the swing of things after all that Kinect crap then they should have done a familar franchise people have wanted for years

Conker Sequel
Banjo Threeie
Kameo Sequel
Perfect Dark Sequel
Even something like Fable 4 as you've said

Yi-Long416d ago

I don't see it doing all that well, not even at launch. It's not tied to any license, it's a new IP, graphics (apart from some gorgeous water), are pretty mediocre, and it's a game that's basically all about co-op and playing online with a bunch of friends, but how many folks will have a group of friends all interested and willing to invest in a game like this...!?

Not to mention the game itself just seems pretty aimless and boring.

guyman416d ago

"Sea of Thieves is the Most Unique Looking Game Out There"..

LandoCalrissiano415d ago

How many people have a group of friends all interested and willing to invest in a game like minecraft?

shaggy2303415d ago


I can tell you for a fact the game isn't "aimless and boring"

In its current state it runs pretty much flawlessly with a ton of stuff to do, and they are always adding new features.

Currently I cant tell you about any of them as I'm under an NDA, but it will not be short of content.

Not sure if that will turn into sales though, fingers crossed it does as Rare deserves this to be a big success.

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pinkcrocodile75416d ago

This is the game I've been waiting for and have been following the development since they put the site up.

I love everything about this game and know I don't need a bunch of mates to log on and play it. Clearly you guys don't like it or don't want to play it or hate MS. None of these points I give a [email protected] about.

I didn't bother with destiny 2 after the cluster [email protected] that was Destiny 1 but I WANT to play Sea of Thieves.

Since this is my opinion, I'm about as right as you guys are no more, no less.

KillBill415d ago

Everyone is saying the game will fade away in a couple of months. And yet the Alpha testing of it still is packed and drawing in many others wanting to play and then having to open up more testing servers to allow it. This is but a fraction of what will be offered upon full release and is getting a ridiculous amount of play.

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XiNatsuDragnel416d ago

Going to get destiny syndrome

Bigpappy416d ago

I'll go out on a limb and predict that younger gamers are going to love this, and that it will be one on M$ most successful 1st party games.

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generic-user-name416d ago

RIP your limbs. MS' track record of creating new IPs is poor and nobody seems to be talking about this game much.

slate91416d ago

I think this has a chance to be pretty ground breaking.

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