PUBG Creator On Xbox and The Future

Brendan Greene answers our questions about the future of PUBG and what he thinks will happen after launch on the Xbox One.

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Obscure_Observer301d ago (Edited 301d ago )

This game is gonna be massive on Xbox One X. Can´t wait! Brendan seems to be really excited about the Xbox One version release and, yeah, retail copy to rule them all! I want my Box!

spreadlove301d ago

PUBG is probably going to be this years biggest game on console.

generic-user-name301d ago

If you ignore Horizon, Zelda, Mario and Fortnite BR.

Sgt_Slaughter301d ago

Don't drink the koolaid. PUBG will die out eventually, or soon if they don't fix things/stop being cocky.

XStation4pio_Pro301d ago

@generic: the biggest selling game is Wildlands followed by PUBG

ULTp0ltergeist301d ago

I think it's going to succeed, I hear they have a ton of content ready.

shloobmm3301d ago


Horizon and Zelda? They will be blown away my every major third party game that launches this year in sales.

UltraNova301d ago

I'm super excited for when I get to play PUBG on my ps4pro later on after you guys beta-test it on console! Not to mention that by next year most obnoxious teenagers whould have moved on in case there's ps4-PC crossplay.

Yes please!

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lxeasy301d ago

I'm hyped for pubg can't wait.

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TheUberAsian301d ago

Will the Xbox and PC version have crossplay?

ULTp0ltergeist301d ago

Once they allow K/M on Xbox I have no doubt Microsoft will connect both platforms, it will only benefit them so don't see why they wouldn't.

Vertigo15301d ago

Diddnt microsoft license a keyboard and nouse for xbox recently?

lxeasy301d ago

@theuberasain I believe it will be crossplay

bumbleforce301d ago

I can see pubg winning goty

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