The Evil Within 2 Review – A Solid Sequel with Great Survival Horror Sensibilities | GameCloud

William Kirk at GameCloud writes: "The Evil Within 2 isn’t a scary game. In fact, it’s even less so than the original given the narrative construct it’s built around. Like a Matrix sequel, it’s just not as impactful when you know how it all works. Nevertheless, what this sequel does nail is the survival component. It also more than makes up for its trope-driven plot with a genuinely fantastic character story that’s well worth investing in. What I appreciate about this game, too, is how it embraces new ideas, and while I think it’s for better and worse in some parts, there’s no denying it’s a technically superior game on nearly all fronts (the terrible AI excluded). A little bit of the magic from the original has been lost in the process of reinvention, but it’s still just as imaginative and captivating as ever and is a great addition to both this series and the genre as a whole."

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