Xbox One X "Feel True Power" Commercial Released Early... in Japanese; Looks Great

The "Feel the True Power" Xbox One X commercial has been released earlier, even if it's just in Japanese for now. Still, it's quite good.

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Obscure_Observer422d ago

Great to see they´re still trying on Japan. I hope Phil Spencer´s travels to Japan to try and bring more japanese developers to Xbox to be sucessfull in the near future.

butchertroll422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Phil Spencer visited Japan recently and also few months before E3 2017 and.....nothing happened.

When you, Xbone fans, will learn that Phil Spencer's trip to Japan is just a DUD.

JaguarEvolved422d ago

xbox is very cheap in japan with free games being given away with the purchase of the console and it sells less units than the ps3 on a monthly basis so i dont know why a lot of gamers would want to buy a xbox one x that is a lot more expensive. the ps3 will outsell the xbox one x, xbox one and the xbox 360

Obscure_Observer422d ago (Edited 422d ago )


"Phil Spencer visited Japan recently and also few months before E3 2017 and.....nothing happened."

Yeah, because Phil made some trips to Japan a few weeks/months ago and then the games suddenly/magically
gone gold. :/

No one can´t understand PS fanatic´s logic. When Phil is talking about things, it´s "Just show don´t tell". But, when the guy decides to go silente about MS bussiness, it´s "Pleaseee, tell me something"


phoenixwing422d ago


I'm not even a fan of xbox but i think if phil hadn't traveled to japan they wouldn't have gotten bandai namco's code vein game (the vampire one like dark soul's) so i think he did something, it wasn't super grand but even if he got one game on board it was worth it

NoPeace_Walker422d ago

Your trollling attempt is a DUD. Glad to see MS is advertising the most powerful console ever hard in many territories.

Prince_TFK422d ago

Xbox does get games like Code Vein and Dragon Quest. And who know what else they have in store. So it wasn't a "dud" as you had elegantly mentioned.

KillBill422d ago

@JaguarEvolved - "i dont know why a lot of gamers would want to buy a xbox one x that is a lot more expensive"

Point being the Japanese consumer is not the same as any other consumer in the world. Cost on certain types of items really has little matter to expense associated to purchase other than in... more money equals better item in most cases. With that said... Japanese consumers are the type to trade in and get a new car each year with their winter or summer bonus. Going all out when they look at purchasing something for their hobbies.

It has never really been the cost of anything that has hindered a purchase in Japan when it comes to video games. The reasoning for purchase more than not come down to media influence and media influence alone. MS has just not been able to hire the correct people in Japan to push their product in the way where it draws said media influence to get Japanese gamers to notice it over other options. Simple as that.

As example, this Ad is marketed for a Western audience and has no real value to the Japanese market. And yet MS did little but change the text to Japanese before presenting it to the gamers in Japan.

Kiwi66422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

So are you a game developer as even you should know that it takes longer than a few months to make a game from start to finish yet you act like they can be done overnight

DJStotty422d ago

nothing happened? why were you stood next to him?

butchertroll421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Lol, Xbone fans! Code Vein and that's it? WOW, that's something big. Where are Nioh, Ni No Kuni, Persona 5, Nier Automata, Onchebara, Ys, .hack, Dragon Quest and so on and so on....

Btw. Just some prediction... Code Vein will sold like crap on Xbone in the West and you can expect even less Japanese games on Xbone. Yes, Phil's trip to Japan is a DUD. Only delusional Xbone fans thinks it's not.

pinkcrocodile75420d ago

My personal view is that too much importance has been placed on Japan for console sales.

I think MS only courts Xbox in Japan in order to better the relationships with Japanese studios. If that wasn't a factor I think MS would not offer the console to the Japanese market as it appears to only cost them money based on the units they shift.

I don't think it would be a big deal if MS lost out on Japanese games to be honest. I know a lot of you guys and girls like Japanese games but we are talking global sales across the entire spectrum of gamers and I hate to point it out but you guys are in the minority

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Bigpappy422d ago

Now this commercial looks really effective. This little previews didn't do it for me. But it comes together here.

Nu422d ago

I'll predict that X will not sell too well because it's a niche group of people who can afford a $500 piece of plastic.

DARK_WOLF422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

$500 is cheap lol get a job

Phill-Spencer422d ago (Edited 422d ago )


500 is not cheap for a midgen upgrade of a console with an almost unexistant exclusive lineup, run by people who want to focus on games as a service, don't want to put effort in singlepayer games and with two way more worthy and way cheaper competitors on the market.

DJStotty422d ago

like a niche group of people that could afford a $600 PS3 you mean?

j15reed421d ago

After 4 years if you can't afford $500 somethings wrong....

KillBill421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Tell that to Apple and their little Niche hardware called the iPhone.

Which appears to get the same users to buy said latest iPhone version each year it comes out regardless of the exorbitant amount of money.

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raWfodog422d ago

Yeah, I don't think any business should ever give up completely on a viable market. They just have to keep trying to find a better way to connect to the Japanese gamer. Obviously, this would have to be through games that appeal to them (JRPGs and quirky, niche games). I also believe they need to develop those games completely exclusive to the Xbox brand if they want to move units. Being able to play the same game on PC, while convenient, is not helping to convince a lot more people (everyone, not just Japan) why they should invest in an XB console.

BeOpenMinded421d ago

Even if just do develop relations for future unseen endevears means something. I'm sure he didn't go just for a marketing quip. It's a multibillion dollar business invested in console and PC markets and MS are seemingly sticking around. I don't know the numbers but it's probably astronomical how much money they are spending researching and developing future tech and entertainment software for the industry. Because horizon, uncharted, and Nioh were great games it doesnt mean they should back out of console market. Software, gaming, mixed reality, and cloud applications to devices are a major contributions to industry. Hate for anything MS is apparent and a fool would give up the worldwide market for one of richest companies companies in the world.

Because an xbox exclusive game doesn't drop immediately does not mean this is or was a bad decision to market in Japan. I like the X and the PlayStation. I would prefer PC but for many reasons is not an option again for me. Let's remember PC is huge in Asian markets and better believe MS has products and software to sell them now and later for sure. Thought same thing and wanted to piggy back off of you :)

Gotcha5422d ago

Come on MS that's the same as the American version where's the Japanese screaming and running from the man size kaiju.

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frostypants421d ago

It's a vicious cycle. Japanese devs won't develop for Xbox because Japanese gamers won't buy Xbox because Japanese devs won't develop for Xbox. The only way around it is obvious: throw money at them.

Nu421d ago

"throw money at them" like hooker's?

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Goldby422d ago

why do they have clips of the New Tomb raider movie in it? doesn't exactly show off the consoles gaming capabilities.. unless they are trying to imply that the games will look like that... which they wont

Death422d ago

Maybe because consoles do more than games? I see more PSVue commercials than game commercials advertising PS4's cable service and it hasn't been that confusing. I would hope that commercial wasn't that hard to understand.

andrewsquall422d ago

@Death There wasn't a single movie clip used to advertise a PS4 Pro hype gaming reel and you know it. MAYBE they should be following PlayStation's example if they want juggernaut sales? I would hope that isn't hard to understand.

frostypants421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

Not really the same thing. PlaystationVue has nothing to do with the Playstation doesn't even require one. "Playstation" is just a Sony entertainment sub-brand these days.

Abriael422d ago

It's a trailer for TV, so it's not aimed just at core gamers. Makes sense they advertise its capabilities for movies and sport in 4K.

Goldby422d ago

I have no sound at home so I only get half the message from these while working

freshslicepizza422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

"why do they have clips of the New Tomb raider movie in it? doesn't exactly show off the consoles gaming capabilities.. unless they are trying to imply that the games will look like that... which they wont"

Of course it shows off the systems capabilities, why wouldn't they also advertise it has a built in 4K ultra bluray player?

Did you seem to forget the PS3 had a bluray player and was also advertised?

Just buy the XB1X, you know you want it.

Goldby422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Oh god no, I'd rather spend that 600 on a steering wheel for Gtsport. I'll get more use out of a steering wheel than the one x. I'm not going yo rebuy my collection of games on a new system just to experience " true power" when I feel true power comes from the games not the hardware.

Death422d ago


Games are what show off a consoles power. "True power" is just a marketing term. Multiplats will look better and to a degree play better on the most capable hardware. From 2013 to today it has been PS4 and PS4 Pro. In a couple weeks that will shift to Xbox One X. This takes nothing away from PS4's library of games or Switch's library or portability.

If I didn't already own a PS4, I would absolutely buy one before a steering wheel. As a gamer I would find more benefit to another console and access to it's games than a peripheral that will get limited use.

Goldby422d ago

@death, but nothing the Xbox offers that I can't already get on ps4 is worth the cost. 600 dollars for updated graphics... No thanks k you, seems like a waste, but then again I would be spending more as I would have to get games for it.

If there were actually exclusives for the Xbox. Games that weren't available on ps4 or PC it would be more understandable, but all its doing is upgrading graphics and textures. Not worth it in my eyes

Prince_TFK422d ago

Where is this "$600" comes from? I thought the X1X cost $499? What is the added $100 for?

andrewsquall422d ago

@Kun_ADR Clearly he says that price because that the extra money that would be needed when buying an Xbox console for the first time. Things such as battery packs for controllers, extra controllers, Xbox Live membership, any games you wanted and of course a 90 quid Wifi adapte............ oh wait its not 2009, silly me.

Still that's easily over an extra 100 quid already for a newcomer. And then you have to go back and buy a game like Thief because now you can play it at 720p 30fps on XboneX instead of 720p 22fps, awesome.

andrewsquall422d ago

@moldybread A bluray player that games could ALSO utilise and DID. Hardly the same thing.

We all know YOU are buying one moldy, you were hardly going to keep gaming on that standard Xbone. How is Fallout 4 VR by the way and that parity situation where PS4 "held it back with its parity" hahahaha? I bet PS4's Doom VFR would have also been a GAME CHANGER for XboneX had it come to that console. ^_^

Goldby422d ago

@Kun_Adr & Andrew.

Actually that would be just for the console. Xbox One X in Canada is 599.99

So my initial purchase, would be for over 700 to get a game and system with taxes. Not really worth it for 4k

DJStotty422d ago


not really, all he would need to do is buy batteries, free xbox live membership with every one x, and then get free games with gold, still $499.

rainslacker420d ago

As to the new tomb raider movie, I was unaware that it was released on UHD already, considering it hasn't released in theaters yet.

Typically, if they're going to promote a feature like UHD, it'd be something that would be available soon or already. Not something that'll be available who knows how long from now.

Anyone care to address that little bit instead of saying it's about promoting UHD? Will the new TR movie even be released on UHD? Many movies aren't if they aren't a commercial success at the box office. MGM hasn't exactly been at the forefront of UHD releases as it is.

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Erik7357422d ago

Yea clip of tomb raider movie and bunch of cgi clips from mediocre games....sounds like Microsoft

Lennoxb63422d ago

"Oh god no, I'd rather spend that 600 on a steering wheel for Gtsport."

Then please explain to me what you're doing in an article of a product you see no value in.

Goldby422d ago

Discussing a commercial that is advertising a gaming console.

My comment is more on topic than yours.

422d ago
Goldby421d ago


Voicing my opinion actually. Not trolling, but I can understand some people seeing a different view as trolling

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Braveheart_NZ422d ago

Because the Xbox One X is a very good 4K Blu-Ray player in its own right. A good standalone 4K Blu Ray player can cost much more than an Xbox One X so the Xbox One X for a dedicated 4K Blu Ray movie player to connect to a modern home theater receiver is a great buy just on its own before games even come in to it. The Xbox One X has HDR 10 Rec2020 colour space support along with Dolby Atmos an DTS:X audio support for Movies and Gaming along with future proofing having an HDMI 2.1 port for upcoming 4K HDMI 2.1 HDMI TVs and has added support for the new upgraded AMD's Freesync 2.

Goldby422d ago

Dont have a 4k tv yet. So most of that wouldn't be out to use until I upgrade my tv. It's more sensible to keep what j have and upgrade next generation

DJStotty422d ago

Exactly my thoughts, a decent 4K bluray in the UK is well over £250. so for an extra £199 i get the 4K gaming ability, well worth it in my view.

15 days to go people

gangsta_red422d ago

"why do they have clips of the New Tomb raider movie in it?"

I said the same because the movie isn't even out yet.

"...doesn't exactly show off the consoles gaming capabilities.. unless they are trying to imply that the games will look like that... which they wont"

I am positive that is not what they were aiming at but more like the 4K player for movies, shows and other media capabilities the Xbox One X can do. But it is still strange to show a clip of a movie that isn't even out yet or on demand or blu-ray.

Goldby422d ago

Could have at least separated the movie clips from the gaming.

But that is MS for ya

Bigpappy422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Maybe the commercial is intended to run for longer that launch.

But this is no big deal. Goldby is just here to troll. He pretty much admitted as much. Don't give him a hand up.

gangsta_red422d ago

I figured with the whole "that's MS for ya"

Goldby421d ago

I said that comment because they have used shady practices in the past to advertise their system.

Remember that commercial for one s where the grandma say more clear gaming graphics because of the 4k Blu ray player.

Or the initial image of how small the one s is compared to of Xbox one?

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MegamanXXX422d ago

I know right. Microsoft LMAO

DJStotty422d ago

4K Bluray lad, thats common sense i think

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AizenSosuke422d ago

Good job but hopefully is not in vain.

Obscure_Observer422d ago (Edited 422d ago )

Haven´t you said something like that about the Nintendo Switch success? Forgive me if i´m mistaken.

81BX422d ago

He's talking about your attempt to down play. Damnit man! Get with the program. The beast is upon us! So amped.

andrewsquall422d ago

He is trying to say the XboneX is going to be a sales juggernaut for 8 months straight like the Switch was in an attempt to over up play it.

FallenAngel1984422d ago

Downplaying Xbox One X's potential success in Japan? 😒

That's not even possible. That would imply this iterative console had a chance at success in that region in the first place.