Ataribox Creator Explains How The Console Will Succeed Where Valve's Steam Machines Have Failed

Ataribox creator and general manager Feargal Mac Conuladh explained how the console will succeed where Valve's Steam Machines have failed.

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Cybermario53d ago

*Yoda's voice* denial is strong in this one

trumpwonstopcrying53d ago

I give atari credit for coming back with a console after all these years but given the competition out there I could easily see this flopping.

JaguarEvolved53d ago

Buying this first day it's available

52d ago
Skinman9152d ago

Atari is not a real person, lol. A brand name is a name, that's it. This is not the same group of individuals behind the 80s Atari.

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Orionsangel53d ago

Yeah, but Atari is the future I saw it in, Blade Runner 2049 ;)

KaiPow53d ago

Software is going to be what makes or breaks this. Have any other developers signed on to make games for this yet?

godashram53d ago

^^^ THIS EXACTLY.! And I'm not talking about a ton of devs that no one's ever heard of either.

Zeref53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

If it's a ton of devs that no one's ever heard of but still makes good games....

Kleptic53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

I still can't tell if this whole thing is a joke or not...

Paraphrasing what is quoted in the article: "Steam machines failed because too many manufacturers were mixing and matching performance and price and it got messy for the consumer"...

no...seriously...NO. PC has done that for decades, and it works fine...Steam machines failed because it was Linux will only play linux based games...Steam works because it unified an open enough, yet insanely popular, platform for creating games..and by that I'm speaking of making software for windows, not 'games', or trying to tag it into specifically one OS version, etc....then they released a HTPC for games-type platform, but alienated the primary source of its popularity (again, windows)...and we were blown away by how quickly it was forgotten (not really).

Even MS can't figure out how to make it work when they ignore windows. Their weird windows 10/xbox integration, but not being part of the broader windows based PC space...just shows how something gaming that isn't an established platform (an established console or WINDOWS based PC)...won't go the way the makers think it will, yet everyone else sees the problem from miles away.

vladstad53d ago

dont forget the price of the console. that can turn people off too when they could get something better for the same price.

XiNatsuDragnel53d ago

Exclusive software and 1st party dev are key

vergilxx353d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Even bigger key is proper marketing, otherwise no one will know it exists

OffRoadKing52d ago

According to xbox fanboys exclusives dont matter anymore, all you need is trailers to announce your console and you should be just fine.

FallenAngel198453d ago

I still believe this will flop

Zarock53d ago

Looks like another ouya.

53d ago
masterfox53d ago

"we’re going to be focusing on indie games." <--- lol death on arrival.

Zeref53d ago

Remember when Indie games were the end all be all of a console when it was Sony's focus?

MasterCornholio53d ago

That's because Sony's bigger games were still in development which they ended up releasing. As for Sony being friendly with Indies it isn't a bad idea to have a good relationship with those developers. Indies may start off small but in the end they can make pretty big games.

Gh05t52d ago

I never remember MS or Sony hanging the future of a console on Indy games. I remember them accepting them into the fold which has worked out really well to everyone's benefit. But they never devoted a system to Indies... So no I dont "member when..."

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