11 reasons why now is the perfect time to buy a Nintendo Switch

You may not be interested in Nintendo's new console just yet, but using it could change your mind.

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338d ago
FallenAngel1984338d ago

I could always just wait for better deals to come along

There's no rush to jump on so soon other than to experience the free online while it lasts

Gemmol337d ago

deals you would get is from 3rd party games.......dont know if you look at how nintendo price their 1st party games on 3ds, wii, and Wii U......but it takes 2 to 4 years for their games to take a price cut

only when they put the Nintendo select tag on the cover of the box art is when you should expect a discount on the game........but 3rd parties games do get cheaper..........look at Horizon it have a price cut which put it cheaper than Zelda and Zelda with the same 60 dollar price tag still outselling it........and they will keep their games at same price for a while, so they are reaping all the profits from their top quality games, while horizon will bring less profits since the price is lower

FallenAngel1984337d ago

Horizon isn't a third party game. However Sony and Microsoft are better are dropping the price for their first party titles than Nintendo is.

I can still walk into a Gamestop and see Super Mario 64 DS being sold for $35 used. That's absurd. Sony & Microsoft have fundamentally dropped the Greatest Hits & Platinum Hits budget titles respectively and drop the price whenever they feel like it whereas Nintendo still relies on Nintendo Selects to justify doing so.

Nintendo themselves could also stand to have better digital discounts on the eShop to incentivize me to buy more of their games as well.

Elda337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I wouldn't mind purchasing a Switch but seeing only 2 games out of it's entire library that interest me I'm going to wait & see if their library grows with games that do interest me.I don't want to rush out & buy it & most of the time it's just sitting there collecting dust like my Vita did.I traded the Vita for the SNES mini & it was well worth it,I've been playing it every weekend.

chris235337d ago

i‘m going to the states end of the week. this would be the perfect opportunity to get a switch thingey - if there was at least one proper incentive to get one. none of the real gems this generation is available on the thing (ark, xcom2). nintendos own games i stopped playing years ago because the formula is way too tired for my personal taste. and buying a console just for another overhyped mario game - i don‘t think so. so, i guess i‘ll play my macbook in the hotelroom. but i also guess, there‘ll be other things to do than gaming, so no harm done ;-)

InTheZoneAC337d ago

Already have BotW on the Wii U, using a pro controller as well. Did the switch get the rest of my Wii u games, did it get trophies?

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