Microtransactions and Loot Boxes Are Destroying Games, but Certain Developers Do It Right

Microtransactions are here to stay, but the industry needs to get its crap together and realize when they're just bad for gaming

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NovusTerminus152d ago

One of the best cases I've seen of them being implemented was the Alpha Packs from Siege.

Erik7357152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I like how Overwatch does it...all the maps and new characters are free and they are adding content like every other month for free .

Best part is I never had to buy a lootbox to get the stuff I want

Nitrowolf2152d ago (Edited 152d ago )

I like how they're doing it too, and I feel it's what EA originally wanted to try with Battlefront 2 but obviously they're doing it wrong because they're selling paid boosters and even limiting the amount of time you can play specific mode

I would say that Uncharted 4 does it a lot better to a degree. least when purchases are made for a loot box you'll never get a duplicate item because once an item is Gotten it's removed from the pool

Elda151d ago

It doesn't do anything to my gameplay because I pay MT's nada.

Razzer151d ago

It is just that simple.

Elda151d ago

Agreed. I don't understand all the fuss.

XbladeTeddy151d ago (Edited 151d ago )

All the fuss is because they clearly cut content from the game and plan around loot-boxes and stuff altering the game for that fact like make you grind more than you have to, make the game really hard in certain areas if you don't have certain items locked behind a pay-wall etc.

opinionated151d ago

What items are locked behind a paywall? It’s “clearly” what they are doing so you should have a clear easy answer.

Razzer151d ago

Yeah. I’d like to know as well. Certain areas? Certain items? What game are we talking about?

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Servbot41151d ago

The problem is other people paying for them, leading to more and more content being stuck behind a paywall or hours of grind.

opinionated151d ago

What content is locked behind a paywall or grind?

opinionated151d ago

Loot boxes are destroying games! Here’s some who destroy it right.

XStation4pio_Pro151d ago

Suprisingly good read with a seemingly mature perspective that doesn’t scream scandal or crisis for once.

datriax151d ago

Such an easy concept that morons fail to understand.

Buy your game? Zero further transactions. (I won't use "micro" anymore, as there's nothing micro about them anymore)

F2P? Load in all the nickel and diming you want I guess. Your game will have the staying power of a fart in a hurricane, as flavour of the week F2P garbage gets dropped by people like a bad habit.

Got a great idea though. Make a game worth your asking price, and people will give you your asking price. Want more money? Make a sequel.

OMG, who knew it was so f**king easy right? I mean.... it only worked like that for what.... THIRTY f**king years prior to this bulls**t?