Remothered Creative Director Thanks Fans With A Heartwarming Email

Chris Darril, Author and Creative Director of Remothered, the horror videogame trilogy shares his personal journey through a heartwarming email.

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DarkOcelet358d ago

"Do support the creators by buying the game, and just searching for its torrent or Skidrow versions. Cheers!"

I am pretty sure there is a mistake in this sentence lol.

On topic: I enjoyed the Beta's atmosphere/visuals/sound and intriguing story but the gameplay left a lot to be desired, let's hope its improved heavily in the final version.

358d ago
datriax358d ago

This looks rather cool, and I'll definitely be picking it up.

Devs like this are the ones that need and deserve our support, not the big, faceless machines, that just want to take a vacuum to your bank account.

Hardiman357d ago

Hell yeah I'll check this out!!!!