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New Game Network: "The Evil Within 2 doesn’t have anything new to offer the franchise. It fails to be frightening, the narrative is a mess, and it only manages to keep its head above the blood water with some decent survival-action mechanics."

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Forn393d ago

Having played through this game in it's entirety, and then playing the first one AFTER playing this one, The Evil Within 2 is definitely NOT a 6.3/10 game. It's an 8-9 game. I don't understand how people could give this game a score so low. It makes no sense.

Nivekki393d ago

Good to know, I'm picking this game up this week when pay day arrives. Loved the first game, although some areas were tedious. If it's better than the first that's good enough for me.

Forn393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

It definitely is. Enjoy it!

Razmiran393d ago

Its a bit different than the first one, but I would say it is better

MVGeneral393d ago

It's like alien isolation, in the sense that critics destroyed it, while gamers loved it. Just look at the steam review of alien isolation and you'll see.

rezzah393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

in your opinion how is 2 compared to 1?

Nvm, I just read your reply below.

393d ago
-Foxtrot393d ago

How can anyone give this game below an 8

I mean if you don't like it fine but to say it dosen't have improvements and the like when it clearly does. I've seen people rate this worse then the original.

CandarianGaming393d ago

The original is a much better game and way more horrific

-Foxtrot393d ago

It's clunky, the narrative is all over the place, the voice acting sucks, the writing is sloppy, some things aren't explained well. Sequel is miles ahead.

Razmiran393d ago

The first one was a technical mess
It ran poorly in all consoles and the pc version was not much better

carcarias393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

I agree.

I've enjoyed my time with the sequel and don't regret my purchase but I much preferred the first game. Far greater variety (and imagination) in the environments, more enemy types and all those slightly different combat sequences which have that hand-crafted Mikami feel to them. I really felt it was like RE 4 crossed with the unsettling horror of Silent Hill. The gameplay was well paced too, things got changed around frequently and the game rarely felt like it was stuck in the same gear for too long. I mean at one point you're even swimming from safe point to safe point from some underwater monster. I found the second game far more limited, both in visuals, gameplay and combat situations. I also found the first Evil Within to be far more creepy, tense, disturbing and horrifying which is very important for me when it comes to survival horror.

It's funny though, Foxtrot lists a bunch of criticisms and, despite actually agreeing with him, I still prefer the first game since I simply don't care about those aspects that much. Voice acting, story, writing...they're not remotely close to being priorities for me in a game like this. Different strokes and all that.

EDIT: Oh, and as for the review, when the hell did EW 2 try to be Uncharted? What's this reviewer smoking?

CandarianGaming392d ago

-Foxtrot I said the game is better as in gameplay, the story/narrative/cut scenes are irrelevant to me.

-Razmiran The original runs fine at 60fps on pc and the ps4 pro also runs it at a locked 30

CandarianGaming393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

It's an o.k. stealth shooter but the original and it's dlc is where the true sadistic horror is at

Iloveherliezz393d ago

"Narrative is a mess" what exactly was hard to understand? This game was solid. I went in completely blind on nightmare. I just beat it about 6 hours ago. While at times a bit cheesy as far as lines go, great game. 8 is as low as I could see an honest review go. Even 7 but my god would you be picky.

Side note: This is really about the Redguard dlc isn't it?

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