Nintendo is selling more consoles than the competition did last year, despite supply issues

It's a stark contrast to the Wii U.

It seems that Nintendo has finally cracked the code to get more of its consoles into American homes.

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Ashlen394d ago

The Switch is definitely going to be this years "must have gift".

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Krysis393d ago

I let my brother in law play mine yesterday, his response was "well babe my Christmas present shouldn't be hard to figure out.

DARK_FOX392d ago

The main demographic for the switch is a 24-32 year old male. Try again troll.

nitus10392d ago

If you have young children (ie. less than 12 years old) would you trust them with taking the switch outside? If yes would you trust their friends? If you do then you have more money than sense.

Here is the rub. If you have more than one child of similar age (ie. one or two years differential) then do you get each one a Switch or would you be more pragmatic and purchase a 2DS for each of them?

XiNatsuDragnel394d ago

Definitely for consoles switch+Ps4>>>>Xb1x

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343_Guilty_Spark393d ago

Let Switch be great on its own. Every Switch article doesn’t need a “oh yeah Switch is cool but PS4 and Switch best combo ever”....please stop

XiNatsuDragnel393d ago

Hey it's just my opinion bro just like you've yours.

393d ago
343_Guilty_Spark393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

You opinion is a Sony advertisement. When Wii U was out all you did was dog it out

XiNatsuDragnel393d ago

Funny even I support Nintendo as well as Sony and Microsoft with 360 earlier in lifecycle though. Wii U is very misunderstood console for a lot of reasons. Btw, Mr 343 how did u know I dogged out? Assumptions?

bluefox755393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

"You opinion is a Sony advertisement. When Wii U was out all you did was dog it out"
Lol, because you can't enjoy one console but dislike another from the same company? If you like the Switch, you have to be cheerleader for all Nintendo products? I will never understand the loyalist mindset.

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Prince_TFK393d ago


You're the one to talk.

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OffRoadKing393d ago

^Don't worry about this guy he just hates on Sony all the time. Tells others to stop but he doesn't have the ability to himself.

XiNatsuDragnel393d ago

Balance2force = cute two sheep are backing up each other.

MasterCornholio393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

It's a really great combo especially if your a fan of Japanese games. I personally can't wait for Odyssey that's coming out soon.


I tagged on the Wii U because I thought it was a pretty poor console with some excellent exclusives. Now that the Switch is out it's pretty obvious that the console is much better and it's paired with excellent exclusives. That's why I own a Switch and not a Wii U.

DrumBeat393d ago

Notice how they can't express their love for a console without ripping on another one. It's a totally unnecessary jab.

Teflon02393d ago

Well I bought switch to compliment my PS4 pro and PC lol. So it's right imo.

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PhoenixUp393d ago

Any two systems combines will be better than a single one

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Brugal393d ago

All due respect to MS but it’s hard to argue that assessment.

Platformgamer393d ago

For me is Ps4/XboS>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >WiiU>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>>> >>>>>>>> ;>>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;Switch

Erik7357393d ago

I think PC+ Switch is a better combo than ps4+ switch

DrumBeat393d ago

You're missing all of the excellent Sony exclusives though. Sony fanboys are idiots, but PlayStation has so many must-play exclusives.

Omeganex9999393d ago

Yep. Big Sony guy here, but I always end up buying Nintendo's consoles since they do offer something you can't find on the competition. I still hate Nintendo's fanboys more than anything, but the Switch deserves to be a success to have a healthy industry and Mario looks incredible! Looking forward to playing it!

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Moonman393d ago

Never count out Nintendo. I had this same kind of feeling holiday 2009 that Nintendo was going to clean house. And they did. New Super Mario Bros Wii launched and they sold a record breaking 3.81 million Wii's in December the USA alone!! Super Mario Odyssey has that IT factor. Will be interesting see how many Nintendo can ship. It will be hot.

morganfell393d ago

At least be honest when you brag. There isn't a supply issue.

Knushwood Butt393d ago

Nintendo said they had to fight with Apple just to get the parts.

I'm not sure which parts, but it sounds like a David Vs Goliath story.

Then Nintendo said they are increasing production.

I'm so confused.

Should I support Apple?

Or should I support the little man?


The 10th Rider393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

You're right. There isn't a supply issue right now. They managed to get it under control for now and the system isn't too difficult to find, though it still depends on location. However who knows how that will be post Odyssey launch and during the holiday season.

Teflon02393d ago

my local eb games has literally 5 sitting right behind the desk in plain site. the Supply issue wasn't really a thing. Think about it, From before it released they were saying it'll only have this amount. then you hearfrom eb games and gamestop employees that it's going to be hard to get so grab asap. So people rush out to go get it. Making it sell more than PS4 at times for a chunk. So... Nintendo is telling me having more than enough consoles in the wild to keep up with PS4 which is tracking as one of the most successful consoles is supply issues? No, it wasn't. It was telling people they'll have no supply and people being gulible making it a supply issue.
Now apple, I'm sure that truth does have a part in that story. But to what extent. They couldn't really have that much of a issue with apple. Nintendo couldn't battle with apple even if they wanted too. Apple is in a position that can screw everyone over. Nintendo also wouldn't be able to speak about it publicly if that was 100% the case. That could make them lose the deal they got with the parts they need.

MatrixxGT393d ago

Switches have been availiable all over my state since May. I find it funny all the people i still see on craigslist still trying to sell their for 300 dollars because they thought they could scalp people. I need to see more support from ninty before i buy one, as in virtual console.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan393d ago

This is a marketing rumor, I mean from one store alone in my area I could buy 20+ Switch if I wanted to. They did the same with the Wii U and days after launch there were still like 30 boxes stacked at my Best Buy.

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Teflon02393d ago

One thing though. It'll probably have supply issues for sure for mario. For all of nov I think. It'll be like 3ds first year when the price drop, mario kart and 3d land released

343_Guilty_Spark393d ago

Ever watch Princess bride
Or were you born yesterday?

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