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Push Square: "Gran Turismo Sport represents a sharp change in direction for a beloved brand – and only time will tell whether that move proves shrewd. The game sets a new standard for online simulation racing on consoles, and for that it must be praised, but in its efforts to educate it’s shed the series’ revered single player structure – and almost certainly a fair few fans along the way."

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gangsta_red391d ago

Crazy to see these scores for GT. But a lot of people did express their concern when they were seeing early builds of the game.

Septic391d ago

Looks like it simply can't match it's competitors. PD need to think hard about their next entry

WePlayDirty391d ago

You can stop concern trolling any day now...

WePlayDirty391d ago

Can we at least be fair here? This is the VR version of the game. It's limited functionality isn't surprising.

timotim391d ago

Why isnt it a surprise is the real question. PSVR came out almost a year ago and GTS is first party. Im sorry but it is surprising that one of Sony's top studios couldnt get there VR implementation above "limited" form. This should have been one of the poster childs of VR on Sony's platform.

gangsta_red391d ago

So it's okay to give it a 7 because it's a VR game? That isn't a compliment to VR if that is the case.

Knushwood Butt391d ago

I seriously can't remember when a review last influenced whether I purchase a game or not.

Loving GT Sport.

Planning to get a VR headset next year.