The Evil Within 2 features a "hidden" and fully functional first-person perspective on the PC

The Evil Within 2 is the latest third-person horror title from Tango Gameworks. However, it appears that the PC version supports a 'hidden' first-person perspective.

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2pacalypsenow50d ago

There is a part in the game where you are in first person.

john250d ago

contrary to just a specific part, you can play the entire game in first-person with this console command

50d ago
--bienio--50d ago

This is beauty of PC:) come on Pc

Omeganex999949d ago

Yeah, I am playing it on PC but the damn game is really poorly optimized if it requires a 1070 to run at 1080p/60fps. I still think I get the most out of the consoles in general.

Bladesfist49d ago

You make it sound like the PS4 is doing 1080/60fps which is not the case.

TankCrossing50d ago

Hopefully it'll be I'm VR in no time :)

NapalmSanctuary50d ago

First person is so overdone in horror games. The genre needs a different perspective every once in a while.

mercyblades49d ago

Stealth kills are fun in this game (well, in most games, but yeah...)

NerveGearneeded49d ago

best upgrade is the ability stealth kills around corners, saves so much ammo.

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