Third Xbox One X “Feel True Power” Teaser Trailer Makes Your Veins Pop Out

Microsoft released a third teaser trailer for the Xbox One X, and this time around it has veins popping out as you "feel true power."

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Woolly_50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Not long left :)

Scorpio's shadow looms . .

ULTp0ltergeist50d ago

No excuses this time, only great games from here on out.

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Sono42149d ago

Well.. my gaming PC is stronger.. can someone name a reason that I should get this console?

zackeroniii49d ago

my veins arent popping out is there something wrong with me? i think i should go to the icu?

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DARK_WOLF50d ago

Cant wait to see how it enhances 360 and OG xbox games.

We already know how massively superior it is with current gen games 😎

DrumBeat49d ago Show
Pantz50d ago ShowReplies(12)

Here's Microsoft with this cornball shit, just release the commercial already!

Eonjay50d ago

Wait was that a commercial for a commercial?

Aceman1850d ago

Somehow I feel like I'm not gonna miss much here. I'll keep my 500 and use it elsewhere lol.

OoglyBoogly50d ago

Realistically you aren't. Games aren't even guaranteed to be 4K or 60fps so it's basically just a Pro but for Microsoft's side. That's why I don't get all the hype about's faster sure but we already know what that entails. It's not won't do things that you haven't already seen. Calm down, people.

NatFanBoyRestricted49d ago

Yeah casuals looked at the PRO the same way.

MegamanXXX50d ago

I thought you would have at least 100 agrees by now. Especially for the excitement since it is a new console

Trekster_Gamer50d ago

Amen can't wait to fire up the Scorpio!!

xX-oldboy-Xx50d ago

How many of these will they sell by generations end? 5 million?

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NoPeace_Walker50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

The Digitial Foundry's Shadow of War comparison the other day already gave us a full preview of what 'True Power' is on console.

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Skillz121550d ago

true power? ok have fun with ur powerful plastic box with no games

DARK_WOLF50d ago

At this point if you count all MS exclusives + BC enhanced 360 and OG xbox games it has more exclusives than ps4.

ie games that are playable on xbox one and not playable on a ps4.

Thats what no games looks like to you?

Hmmmm 🤔

Black0ut50d ago


Your comments attempt to make a front that you don't care about Xbox, yet here you are...all over xbox articles spewing useless words.

Up your troll game dude cos it's pathetic :)

Death50d ago

1000+ Xbox One games, 400+ Xbox 360 games and the addition of Incoming Xbox games = no games?

I will have fun with my powerful plastic box with "no games", you keep enjoying your denial.

Kribwalker50d ago

I hope you like soup, cause that’s what your guys textures gonna look like compared to the onex for the rest of this gen

chrisoadamson50d ago

No games lol every single 3rd party game will be superior on the xbox one x. So all your call of duty, battlefield, destiny etc those insignificant games right 😉 not to mention battleground . That little game that's not coming out on the ps4 lol

Condemnedman50d ago

xbox.has loads of games it's just that playstation has had a great year don't forget 2015 was a pretty slack year for ps4 so your no game is a silly comment because xbox now has the power advantage.

Nitrowolf250d ago

Wait wait wait

So, let me get this right

Gloating about the most powerful console to release yet, but boasting games from over a decade ago?


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snoopgg50d ago

Yeah they said gt sport looks just as good or better then forza 7 on your beast. Imagine that!

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chrisx50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Before it was cloud power, now its true power. Its ok,let me just be observing.

KionicWarlord22250d ago

Your just observing because you cant do anything else.

Da X been taking W`s all month lol.

neocores805550d ago

LoL the X wont change all the Ls as in millions it is behind to ps4 lol

chrisx50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Lol da x man u sound...Triggered.

DARK_WOLF50d ago

If you think a sales chart is a W to your experience playing games then your the one taking the L...


Vasto50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Nintendo is worth more than Sony is now.

PS4 sales mean garbage if you aint making money and they are not. What a weak company to get passed by Nintendo. LMAO

ImGumbyDammit50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

@Vasto Not really Sony and Nintendo trade places of their market cap. One week Sony is up over Nintendo. The next week it is Nintendo over Sony. Of course Microsoft dwarves them at 12.5 times their market size. What is surprising is Nintendo is essentially gaming only and is valued the same as all of Sony. While Sony has a vast array of other businesses (some profitable, others not so much, and others continuously in the red). This is one of the reasons large investors keep pushing Sony to divest itself completely with SIE as a subsidiary and create a new company (which they would be the majority owner but is traded separately and not attached to the hip of Sony proper). The value of SIE would climb as separately traded company and not be held back by the rest of Sony's negatives. I am pretty sure you would see SIE reaching $20-$25 billion or much more in overall value in a very short time if they let the stock market vote. Right now investors must take into consideration all the other negatives that affect Sony. At the very least, I just wish Sony dump their film/entertainment division. It still continues to be a major drain on the company with no end in site. It is one of the reasons that Sony is valued less than it should be at this point.

Current values:
Nintendo $46.2 billion
Sony $47.3 billion
Microsoft $608.3 billion

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andrewsquall50d ago

@KionicWarlord222 And neither can you "do anything else" because you are currently on year 1 and the 4th month of your agonising wait for a GDDR5 console worthy of this generation, even though we all know you could have been playing one this past 4 years already.

snoopgg50d ago

Yeah he can continue to play great games on Sony's machine.

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LastCenturyRob50d ago

obviously criticizing something you don't even understand...l...o...l

gangsta_red50d ago

The cloud powered Witcher 2 for PS3 also...did you by chance finish that game yet and moved on to part 3?