Destiny 2 Seasons Detailed; New Gear, Ships, Exotic Emote, Sparrows and More Revealed

Bungie detailed the seasonality of Destiny 2, that will receive a bunch of new goodies every time the season changes, while clan progression will reset.

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gudugu55d ago

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Godmars29055d ago

What's the point of ships if they're only an element of a loading screen?

rezzah55d ago

To add a sense of something to personalize so you feel different from other players.

Lostbytes55d ago

How about adding a sense of accomplishment, you know, for doing something hard. that not everyone can do. But all the crybabies need their participation trophies, so everything is cosmetic. No no advancement or progression....but "yay" pointless cosmetics(intense sarcasm)

Godmars29054d ago

I'd rather be able to fly about - even if on rails - and make things go boom.