Summer Lesson's New Waifu Beats Shadow of War's Orc Husbandos in Japanese PS4 Download Chart

Apparently, Japanese gamers tend to prefer Summer Lesson's waifus to Middle-earth: Shadow of War's husbandos, which is pretty unsurprising.

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Rangerman1208147d ago

Too bad there's one thing Shadow of War has better than Summer Lesson: content.

Ashlen147d ago

By content I assume you mean microtransactions.

wraith9999145d ago


BenjaMan64147d ago

Waifus are popular in Japan? Who would have thought?

Scatpants147d ago

I don't get this. It's like softcore without the softcore. What's the point? Just to hang out with some girl doing asinine things? Might as well go with VR Kanojo, it's not that great either though.

Ashlen147d ago

Do you understand The Sims?

Scatpants146d ago

Not really. I guess they also fall into the utterly boring mundanity simulator category.

ibrake4naps147d ago

Agreed. Titties or get out