7 Popular Video Games That Aren't Actually That Great

WGTC writes: Video games are great storytelling mediums, but sometimes even the acclaimed ones don't live up to the hype - here are seven examples.

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FTLmaster55d ago

Interesting. I loved Fallout 3, Morrowind, Mass Effect 2 and LiS.

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Bigpappy55d ago

Nice to see on guy on a website gets to decide what is and isn't great for the rest of us pions. /s

Godmars29053d ago

I couldn't help but notice that plot/scripting issues in ME2 would lead to what ME3 became.

Godmars29053d ago

Meh. Disagree all you want, but that's you also got Andromeda.

kevnb53d ago

7 well loved games that the author doesn't like.

FullmetalRoyale53d ago

I’ll give you AC III. That game is definitely not great, though it wasn’t terrible.
Those other games are definitely all in my top fifty, maybe top twenty.

PlayableGamez-53d ago

Yeah I don't understand why they put ACIII. That is the 2nd most hated AC ever next to AC: Unity.

franwex53d ago

It’s hard for me to back into fallout 3. Even tho I really enjoyed it years ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.