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COGconnected: Sony's premier racing franchise is back. Gran Turismo Sport puts a focus on competition, ushering in a new era of professional gaming.

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UCForce416d ago

GT Sports take itself seriously when come to racing competition. Gamers vs real life racer. From gamer to real life racer. The game isn't about aggressive. It's about clean and precise. With FIA, people will be more focus on racing. If I have to be honest, I won't buy GT Sports because it's online focus. But I can tell you this, GT Sports had nailed online racing competition.

416d ago
SierraGuy416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

Finally a proper review. Expect more like this to come. Sorry Forza fanbots.

G3ng4r414d ago

Funny thing is I was just checking metacritic so I could troll and the page refreshed dropping the game from 76 to 75.

yeahokwhatever415d ago

Right now, I'm enjoying Forza 7 for the single player and GTS for the online. It's so nice to have new racing games :-)

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trooper_416d ago

Oh look, a 9.0.

No actual naysayers here. I wonder why...

NoPeace_Walker416d ago

Great score! The second 9 score found on Metacritic.

UCForce416d ago

I would say there more scores like 9. Sure, it not that a lot like Forza 7. But this is not a second. You really need to check back.

trooper_416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

And yet, all the scores aren't in.

Try again.

Kribwalker416d ago

he is incorrect. there is only one 90 on meta, and one 100. the 28 other are 85 or less with 12 of them less then 75

darthv72416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

Its not really worthy of a 9. Not in its current form at least. Its very much like SFV, meaning at the core its a good game just not a complete game.

Chances are there will be amended reviews as content gets added.

NoPeace_Walker416d ago

I do have to admit that the driving aspect and lighting looks fantastic (probably the best in console of this gen) according to most reviews and if they can patch in a GT offline mode and bring in more cars and tracks as free DLC update, I wouldn't mind getting the game later on. But as of now, the only dependency, no offline GT mode, and lack of contents are game breakers for me and many people. Same reason I never bought SFV.

Aceman18416d ago

It's an esport game, Kaz said so from the beginning. If you want the regular old GT format go play the older versions.

Honestly even if that old content was in there these reviewers and you haters here would bitch and moan that its the same old GT and still give it low scores.

GT Sport should be judged on what its about not what y'all want it to be.

I'm loving the game.

yeahokwhatever415d ago

Gamespot agrees with you. They're holding off on their review until they at least do the online Sport championships that aren't available yet.

timotim416d ago

Its a good score for sure. I don't think any one score solidifies a game though. The reason why outlets like Meta is important is because it gives us the AVERAGE score across MANY reviews so that we can get a better sense of how an industry really felt in general. Right now this game is averaging a 75 rating across 30 reviews, and while no one is calling this review "fake" or funded by Sony...its also not one that you should take to somehow push into the faces of Forza fans. All that does is promote fanboyism.

G3ng4r416d ago

Congrats man, finally got another decent score for playstation's most venerable ip. Still bombing on metacritic at a 75 but meh, everyone knows the series has been on a decline over the last several games.

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Featuring_Dante416d ago

GT as a series has transcended gaming. Its clear the game is much much bigger than any game hopes to be, for a sim to be involved in the field it is simulating is an unequivocal success, which GT has achieved with Sport and GT Academy. Props to sony for helping gamers become professional racers.

Bigpappy416d ago (Edited 416d ago )

Dude, its still a game! The only way to make that claim of transcending gaming. is when you can show non gamers buying a play station for the sole purpose of driving digital cars.

Featuring_Dante415d ago

GT is the highest selling exclusive, thats enough evidence of non-gamers' involvement.

SenorFartCushion416d ago

Focused? Half of the game is locked until November 😂

tulholdren416d ago

Me and my friends loving this game.

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