Forza 7 vs GT Sport Visual Comparison

A comparison of the graphics and visual styles of Forza 7 and Gran Turismo Sport.

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PistolsAtDawn273d ago

FM7 EASILY the better of these two games. GT chose to cut corners in a lot of areas on this one. Instead of depth they just chose to polish the little they did...and even in the areas GT has the edge, it's not by much....definitely not enough

The_KELRaTH273d ago

I think Sony told PD you just get it out there, 4 years late is enough.

Ju272d ago (Edited 272d ago )

You might reconsider that:

FyBy270d ago

Exactly! Just watched the video. PD are so obsessed with details. They always were. But it is at cost of content. Which is better? :-)

Ju269d ago

GT is the better game. From car handling to the level of detail which simply is a level above Fz. Fz plays and feels the exact same arcade way fz5 did with a bit more pimped visuals...achieved using short cuts wherever they can just to make it pretty.

the worst273d ago

GT easy winner. forza looks like burnout on the ps3

273d ago
UKRsoldja271d ago

Lmao. You trolls are off the hook.

The_KELRaTH273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

GT Sport looks like something from the 90's. The cars themselves have no motion from road surfaces, acceleration, braking. Forza looks like it's having to be driven, there's constant real time movement as you would expect from driving a real car.
I still have GT6 and from a driving stance it's also far better then GT Sports as the cars also are effected by road surfaces, suspension, etc etc.

The FiA licence winner sure is going to be in for a shock when getting into a real car and there's tons of vibration and movement while driving - probably report it as just faulty lol

273d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.