Tech Analysis: Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7

DF: "Just how do Gran Turismo Sport and Forza Motorsport 7 compare graphically? John presents an in-depth analysis, showing the similarities and differences in the technology from Polyphony Digital and Turn 10 Studios."

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DeadSilence339d ago

Damn Gran Turismo is a ambitious game, much better trees, dynamic shadows and insane cars detail.

Forza 7 also looks great, good time to love cars!

zivtheawesome339d ago

don't forget the lighting in GT, IMO this is the one thing which makes me prefer GT over Forza, while i will admit that some of the scenery in forza looks better (that castle area looks incredible), i always on the side of lighting > any other graphical effect.

darthv72339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

PD went all out to make it look the best. Especially in replay mode.

Both look simply stunning in motion.

Genuine-User339d ago

But people had me believe that GTS doesn't even compare (graphically) to Forza 7 lol

GTS looks better in this analysis.

andrewsquall339d ago

@Genuine-User People would even had you believe that GTS "looks like a last gen game". I bet that nonsense stops right now lol.

UltraNova339d ago

GTS is the undisputed winner in the visuals department even when compared to the PC version of some rivals.

Polyphony is on another level.

4Sh0w339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

-I didn't see anything about GTS being the undisputed winner in visuals and pc was used because X will offer the same native 4K res vs ps4pro's checkerboard, as stated by DF:

"While we used PC primarily for our testing, Xbox One X essentially offers the same experience and renders out at full 3840x2160. By comparison, GT Sport operates at 1800p using checkboard rendering. Image quality is still good, all things considered, but it's clear that Forza 7 has a huge advantage in terms of raw image quality... at least during gameplay. One aspect of Gran Turismo that we cannot fail to mention are the replays.

-There ya go, so my take away after reading this entire piece twice was GTS has slightly better lighting and replays look better, that's FAR from undisputed winner in visuals.

-I'll take "a huge advantage in terms of raw image quality... at least during gameplay" other words better looking visuals in actual gameplay than better looking playback because of recorded angles any day.

darthv72339d ago

I think i read that photo mode and replay mode are enhanced in GTS. Thus in those modes the IQ is always displayed at max settings the PS4 can do.

FM7 its the same in gameplay, photo or replay. Impressive visuals from both studios. I can only imagine what PD could deliver on a PC with even more resources at their disposal.

uRaDecepticon339d ago

To be fair, one game is using it's raw power to present native 4k at 60fps, while the other is upscaling because of the lack of power.

Zeref339d ago

more cars + more tracks vs better lighting hmmmm

StormSnooper339d ago

wow so in terms of graphics Gran Tourismo kicks major butt. Lower resolution than xbox X but higher graphics than xbox X. I suspect we would see a lot of this in the first party games of Sony and MS. Higher res for the xboxX and higher graphics for PS4Pro.

n1kki6338d ago

Are you joking, the on track lighting in GT is terrible. The cars look like they are floating.

morganfell338d ago (Edited 338d ago )


Now add to this the physics engine they are using. Racing par excellence.

"The cars look like they are floating"

One of these games has a car that from external view bounces around a lot. As in unrealistically a lot.

Hint: It isn't GT.

n1kki6338d ago

"In comparison, the shadows in GT Sport often show noticeable artefacts along the shadow cascade - the further into the distance you go, the less precise the effect and the more prone it is to visible break-up. "

n1kki6338d ago

I have both, and am using an obutto rig, thrustmaster t3pa pros and the t300 with the leather rim. They are both competent. Forza is the better game. GT is the better SIM. They are different games, it's like comparing call of duty and Destiny because they are both first person shooters.

nix338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

i think it's safe to say GTS is superior. GT not only does online racing (my biggest fear until the release date) right but it even excels in graphics. You can just read the comments in YouTube to know who won.

I know most will say who the hell cares about logo design or the wheel nuts... where were you when the PS3 game was judged inferior on the basis of blade of the grass last gen. The car model was hilarious in Forza.

Until Forza 8, sayonara.

mcstorm338d ago

For me both games look great but when you look at the last time both PD and Turn 10 made their last game and find out one has only been 2 years and another has been 4 years I have to give it to turn 10 because of what forza Ms 7 is as a package. GTS should of been more with the time PD have had.

That being said I take nothing away from them both and as a racing fan I want to see both do well and love to see more racers hit consoles as it's been a bit lacklustre this gen.

bnaked338d ago

I think it's fair to say that Forza 7 is the better "game", but GTS is the better simulation.

itsmebryan338d ago

Lighting? LMAO you buy racing games for lighting? Ok. Not for cars, tracks but for lighting. Okay

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UCForce339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Their art style looks more realistic than FM 7. Calling GT Sports a PS3 game is the opposite. Because Digital Foundry said it's massive improvements from GT 5 and GT 6.

freshslicepizza339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

GT Sport has better lighting and color balance, it has terrible reflections. GT Sport also has a bit better physics but its damage modelling and collision physics are still not there. Bumper car physics do not belong in true sim titles and if you push the car it starts to really show the limits of the physics engine. The scenery goes to Forza 7 but I like the car modeling in GT Sport. Problem is GT Sport costs the same. If it was $40 then to me it would be the winner but it's lack of content and online only direction gives it less value.

Oh and Digital Foundry was simply amazed at how well Forza 7 looks and runs at a rock steady 60fps. Even on the Xbox One it runs solid 60fps.

339d ago
MegamanXXX339d ago (Edited 339d ago )


An Xbox fan that don't even own an Xbox. You really think he's going to stick to it. I mean I don't even think Moldybread don't think that Microsoft is even losing the console war this generation. What's hilarious is that GTS will still sell way more copies than Forza and Forza is on two platforms. Houston we have a problem. At the end of the day sales is the only thing that matters in the gaming industry in this era

freshslicepizza339d ago

"Now that DF has destroyed the hopes and dreams of xbox"

"This is a graphical comparison thread, so stick to it."


1. 60fps - winner Forza 7
2. Resolution - winner Forza 7
3. Weather - winner Forza 7
4. Car detail interior and extreior - winner GT Sport
5. Environments - winner Forza 7
6. Lighting - winner GT Sport
7. Reflections - winner Forza 7
8. Shadows - tie
9. Time of day - winner Forza 7
10. Dynamic objects - winner Forza 7
11. Replays - winner GT Sport
12. Cars onscreen (24) - winner Forza 7

4Sh0w339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Yeah GTS is a massive improvement from GT6 but which art style is better in comparison to Forza7 is more a matter of preference....anyone being honest has to say visually they are both very impressive.


-To be fair in most aspects a winner wasn't called, DF pointed out pluses and minuses of both. Lighting and replay were favored for GTS but YES Forza7 won overall when they said HUGE advantage in image quality during GAMEPLAY for Forza 7.

SUMMARY= PD took 4 yrs and massively cut corners with 560 less detailed cars to render, less real world tracks to render, less tuning, less damage, no campaign, no weather just to make a game almost as good looking(very, very close visuals) in gameplay as Forza 7.

butchertroll338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Don't bother with Xbone fans. They are really salty.


Nice try to spin.

This is the real summary!

GT has better:

Car models and interiors.
track draw distance and details.
tree modeling.
better lightning.
Split screen at 60fps.
HDR (not mentioned here)
dynamic shadows (lower resolution)
60 fps reflections (24 hz when interior*)
20 AI cars grid ( 24 online and endurance )

Forza has:
dynamic ToD (when car moves only)
static shadows (high resolution) for the environment, dynamic for the cars and some elements on the environment.
higher resolution (because of PC version used)
60+fps reflections with higher resolution
Higher resolution textures and good Anisotropic Filtering.
Tons of more cars and tracks.
24 AI cars grid
Higher quality reflections ( but they are 30 fps on XboneX ), can be 60fps with enough strong GPU on PC.

CernaML338d ago

Uhh moldy... GT Sport runs at a rock solid 60fps also. Forza doesnt win that category.
Also, GT Sport has an endurance race with 29 other AI cars on the same track (30 cars total). Definitely seems like Gran Turismo is just capable of pushing more. So GT Sport wins the car count category.

PistolsAtDawn338d ago

@HasanAli Huh? GT didn't destroy anything at all...if ANYTHING all DF did was point out that GT focused less on gameplay and actually filling the game out and instead focused on minute visual details that don't make a massive difference. AT NO POINT did DF say that GT crushed FM7 in any way at all. All this did was confirm that FM7 is the better overall game. There are slight pre-baked areas where GT has an edge, but those aren't enough to make a dent in shown in reviews. It can't even be chalked up to FM7's inability to do what GT did...just that they CHOSE not to do it and instead vested in things like dynamic weather and more things to do/use. If you honestly think that this would make a FM7 fan jealous of GT in any way, you're completely delusional. It would be more likely to persuade GT fans that FM7 is the better overall game. If the best you can argue is that GT has some very slight advantages in controlled areas...then turn around and say the cost of that is a severe lack of's very clear then that FM7 is the better game.

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The_KELRaTH339d ago

I suppose it depends on what you want for a racing game. Beautiful environments and car detail with an almost art style photo visuals/editor or more game features and attention to gameplay.

What it says to me is just how much work they must have put into GT5/GT6 to get so much out of 256mb

Deep-throat339d ago

GTS have the better looking cars. Way more detailed, even more polygons. But the environments don't look great. I mean it sports trees from the PS2 era!

CryofSilence339d ago

Did you watch the movie? Digital Foundry preferred GTS's trees over Forza.

Liqu1d339d ago

So do Forza's then, in fact trees are better in GT.

Bigpappy339d ago

Yep. They did much better art work and lighting.

Would be nice to have them side by side though to see what this all means when you look at them on your 4K TV.

CryofSilence339d ago

This is surprising to me. I've always preferred Gran Turismo, but I 100% expected Forza to look better overall due to the extra horse power. I'm happily surprised. Well done, polyphony. Now, add some content and give us back the career mode, and it would be a masterpiece.

OB1Biker339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

wow I can see now that people bashing GT graphics are full of it. Its impressive vs the PC version of Forza7

Angel911339d ago

Oh so GT is ambitious but Forza is not when Forza clearly doing way more stuff in content and graphics?

Forza 7 offers 700 fully detailed cars compared to 150 cars in GTS (even when it was in development for 5 years), along with dynamic weather and 24 player races at native 4k60fps on One X and 1080p60fps on weak base Xbox one.. Forza 7 also offers almost double the content with more tracks

Weather and 24 player races @ 4k60fps takes lot of horse power..So some comprises are needs to made. PD using all Pro power for car details over weather, IQ and resolution. So obviously you will see difference there...

XStation4pio_Pro339d ago

Don’t forget F7 was built for the One X and optimized down to S. Same as GTS on the Pro. Let’s re-run this comparison in a couple weeks when the shoe is on the other foot

Liqu1d339d ago

Why? The PC version is the best Forza will look and the Pro version is the best GT will look.

Good-Smurf339d ago

Forza 7 in this comparison ran on Titan X card PC at everything maxed out and X1X will not run at that settings.
And the game still don't look as good as GT Sport.

SameOldx2338d ago

@Good-Smurf. The game will do 4k60fps max settings on a 1070gtx. X1X will look the same. PC version is a console port. Nice try.

AmUnRa338d ago

No GTS was build for the PS4 and than upscaled for the PS4 Pro.

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GTgamer339d ago

Don't know why people acting surprised people who actually played GTSport knew damn well how Amazing it looked but xbox fans would have you believe that it looked like a ps2 game ahwell let's rack up them sales GTsport.

Kiwi66338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Where are the comments saying it looks like a PS2 game

Zeref339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

GT sport has slightly more details. Forza 7 still looks better overall.
Both look great but Forza 7 has more cars and more tracks isn't that the most important part of a racing game?
You can have a photorealistic racing game but if you only have 2 cars and 1 track, does it really matter?

They sacrificed content for minor details. Obviously it didn't work out.

babadivad339d ago

Come on, I didn't come here for logical comments!! Where's the toxicity?!?! Where's the salt?!?!. I came here for salt!!

n1kki6338d ago

Other than forza is a fun game and gran turismo is a poorly executed on line racer that compared closer to iracing lite.

butchertroll338d ago

GTS on PS4 Pro ( which is way weaker than Titan X ) destroyed Forza 7 on PC at 4k/Ultra settings.

PistolsAtDawn338d ago

They didn't say GT looks much better at all, they said there were times that GT focused more on detail and lighting, but that was cause FM7 focused on much more content and dynamic weather

mark_parch338d ago

the car models in gt are insane. i can see why there's so few of them now.

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KionicWarlord222339d ago

Jesus up close shots are more revealing of the headlights and hubcaps.

Forza 7 straight murked. Talk about a knockout.

zivtheawesome339d ago

yea the car detail on GTS is definitely top notch. great job from the devs!

339d ago
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Sunny_D339d ago

Seriously, the first pic with the backlight has GTS version look almost photorealistic. PD truly know cars.

KionicWarlord222339d ago

Pass me what you was smoking.

The headlights cube maps look pixelated next to forza 7 close up.

You cant be serious.

Liqu1d339d ago

Kionic proving that the diehards only listen to DF's facts when it suits their agenda.

trooper_339d ago


What are YOU smoking?

Ben Dover338d ago

LOL Kionic. You post a picture showcasing how GT Sport obliterated Forza and then claim Forza looks better? Wtf is wrong with you?

THIS is some SERIOUS proof how blind fanboyism can make you.

DarXyde338d ago (Edited 338d ago )


The hubcap clearly looks better on Sport, but the Mazda emblem looks a bit better on Forza 7. The backlight? Get the hell out. Forza 7 is HANDEDLY outmatched by Gran Turismo Sport. The detail is immaculate.

Overall, I would definitely give the edge to GT Sport on Pro visually. By the way, in the actual video (did you watch it all?) Digital Foundry themselves gave the edge to Sport on the cars themselves. Aren't you one of the people who believes "if Digital Foundry said it, it must be true"? It seems that when your opinion is incongruent with their analysis, you don't treat their work as an objective lens.


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jaekapow339d ago

Welp, can't fanboy more than this.

UCForce339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Yeah, but users MetaCritics on both games are mixed. Like I said before, Forza has become like COD. And GT Sports took a different direction that caused the fan concern.

339d ago
Kribwalker339d ago

you can’t rely on user scores. they are filled with idiots trolling

OB1Biker339d ago

looking for better goal posts? haha

Prince-Ali339d ago

how does meta scores reflect the graphics when thats the discussion looool....?

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moegooner88339d ago

That first pic, wow @ GTS. No wonder people keep saying cars looks photorealistic. I didn’t believe them till now.

uptownsoul339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

ROFLOL...The fact that Digital Foundry basically says the detail on GT:S is on par (and even better in several cases) to the top end PC version of Forza 7 got somebody.......SHOOK!!!!!!!!

KionicWarlord222339d ago

Digital Foundry were clear overall.

""Both games offer a good variety of highly detailed art but Forza has the advantage in terms of texture resolution of the track. While racing, this is difficult to notice, but it stands out when looking closely.

but it's clear that Forza 7 has a huge advantage in terms of raw image quality"

Forza 7 offers a huge range of circuits and track configurations, many with variable weather conditions. The environments are richly detailed with super high-resolution textures created using photogrammetry. It also features a huge selection of richly detailed cars, the number of which vastly exceeds its rival. "

Prince-Ali339d ago


I love how ridiculous you are!!! That was literally taken from them discussing resolution... with GT Sport running at 1800P and Forza 7 running at Native 4K With native 4K textures of courseee the game has a huge advantage in terms of raw image quality you fool!!!

Thats like running Zelda: Orcarina of time in Native 4k and having Uncharted 4 running on the Pro at 1800p side by side and claiming that Orcarina of Time looks better because it's textures are all native 4k!!!!
You idiots need to stop! Resolution doesn't automatically make a better game or better looking one and in this case although textures are higher res they do nothing but praise how good looking GT Sport is where as Forza is quite clearly a beautiful game regardless