Fortnite Battle Royale Developers Tease Big Gameplay Updates Incoming

Lots of exciting gameplay features, such as voice Chat, new weapons, consumables and changes to shooting mechanics are on the way.

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V0MIT_M0NSTER149d ago

Will be nice to test out new shooting mechanics.

Wallstreet37149d ago

Its crazy one of my fav games is a f2p. I will def support these devs by buying dlc.

XisThatKid149d ago

Paragon for me and that's F2P. From same peeps too

GameBoyColor149d ago

Really enjoy this game and the dev support is amazing.

jronj149d ago

Needs shoulder switching in third person badly

EeJLP-149d ago

I sent an in-game feedback like a week ago on shoulder switching.. you're in a bad spot having to go left out of cover.. a dance button but no shoulder switching, that's a problem

Dark_Knightmare2149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Two of my Friends talked me into downloading the battle royale mode and boy I'm glad I did it's freaking fun as hell. I can't wait to see what future updates bring to this game because I'm all in

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