Why Star Wars Battlefront 2's developers were relieved when they saw Rogue One

"Iden and everybody around her signed up to do good in the galaxy."

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Miss_Weeboo298d ago

Because Rogue One had MT's too?

HaveSumNuts298d ago

No, because if the movie sucks and the game is good it makes the game look much better.

Miss_Weeboo298d ago

Well then the game will much better, because Rogue One sucked.

KwietStorm298d ago

Rogue One was a helluva lot better than Episode 7

Miss_Weeboo297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

It was better than the greatest piece of crap ever? I completely agree it was a helluva lot better than phantom

TekoIie297d ago (Edited 297d ago )


As a movie it was bad but as a Star Wars movie i'd say it was pretty good. The reasoning behind the Death Star Weakness in Rogue One is so much better than what it was in Legends.

-Foxtrot298d ago

Kind of feels like the Rogue One in reverse. A female on the Empire side leading a mismatched ground of Imperials against the Rebels.

Story would have been better switching from the Empire and Rebels in a game of cat and mouse, then see both of them die for their cause in the end.

Rogue One was an amazing film.

Servbot41298d ago

"Iden and everybody around her signed up to do good in the galaxy."
Too bad they signed up with EA to bring half-finished microtransaction games.

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Nodoze297d ago

It must be asked but what the hell is with the blatant female lead character push. Ep 7, Rogue One, BF 2. I mean come on. It this Kathleen Kennedy's power trip over at Lucasfilm? All leads must be female from this point forward? It is so blatant it is off putting. I am not saying we cannot and should not have female leads, but now there is a very apparent trend and push to do so. Is this token feminism? Will we ever see strong male role models/leads again?

KwietStorm297d ago

You know what it's about, and it has nothing to do with Star Wars. But your last sentence is silly as hell.