A Look Back at Square-Enix's Support for the PlayStation Vita

VGChartz: "This is the third entry in a series of articles looking at the output of a number of Vita-supporting companies, from launch through to the present day. I’ll be examining the games they released, how well they sold (if there's sufficient data), how well they ran in the case of ports, and will take a brief look at games which perhaps should have come to the console, either in the west or in general.

Next up on the list is Square-Enix. Compared to my previous articles on Bandai-Namco and Koei-Tecmo, this one includes noticeably more muted Vita support, but there seemed to shift in perception within the company around late 2015, at which point Square-Enix committed to the platform in a much greater capacity, although this was likely only a fleeting change."

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