Best AAA Games On Sale For PS4 & Xbox One On Amazon

Looking to get some new AAA games for your PS4 or Xbox One on the most popular game titles around? Right now there are a bunch of great AAA titles on sale right now on Amazon and it's the best way to get ahold of some of the best titles without going broke.

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DarkOcelet424d ago

Mass Effect Andromeda costs 10 bucks already? I don't think I have seen a AAA game drop in price this fast before. I really hope Bioware makes Anthem something special or it could be the end of their studio as well.

424d ago
Ashlen424d ago

Who even cares? Anthem isn't a Bioware game it's an EA game they are using the Bioware label to promote it. Bioware is dead, no one who worked at Bioware before EA bought them has worked there for years now.

Prince_TFK423d ago

Anthem looks pretty much like another lootbox/MT infested game for EA to exploit.

Jesus christ I am getting really tired of this.